MapR Puts Hadoop Distro on AWS

MapR Technologies Inc. today announced its Apache Hadoop distribution is available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, adding another Big Data option for Amazon cloud customers.

MapR is commonly described as one of the "big three" commercial Hadoop distributors, along with Cloudera Inc. and Hortonworks Inc. Three editions of the MapR distro -- community, enterprise and enterprise database -- are available in the marketplace.

"Deploying MapR from AWS Marketplace provides customers an easy on-ramp to high-performance, enterprise-grade Hadoop in the AWS Cloud," said MapR exec Steve Wooledge in a statement today. "We've had an established relationship with AWS through the availability of MapR on EMR and now the addition of our products for purchase on AWS Marketplace expands options for customers who want to run real-time Hadoop applications in the AWS Cloud and impact their business as it happens."

MapR said it worked closely with AWS to develop Amazon Machine Images with an hourly usage model. The AMIs are pre-loaded and pre-configured with MapR software and an OS. Some of the MapR editions can be augmented with options for Apache Spark support for quick creation of batch, interactive and streaming applications. MapR uses AWS CloudFormation templates to create reliable Hadoop clusters on AWS that are ideal for long-running workloads, the company said.

AWS customers can take advantage of MapR features such as mirroring and MapR-DB table replication, the Hadoop distributor said.

"We are pleased customers now have access to purchase and deploy the MapR Distribution product from AWS Marketplace, said AWS exec Dave McCann. "The rapidly expanding population of customers buying and deploying third-party software from AWS Marketplace can now benefit from more Big Data deployment options, while taking advantage of AWS' global scale, reliability and rapid pace of innovation."

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