AWS Loosens Its Reins on OpsWorks

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Inc. this week said it is untethering its OpsWorks application management service from the cloud.

Starting on Monday, OpsWorks will now be able to work in on-premises servers, announced Chris Barclay, principal product manager at AWS, in a blog post.

"I have some good news for users that operate compute resources outside of AWS: you can now use AWS OpsWorks to deploy and operate applications on any server with an Internet connection including virtual machines running in your own datacenters," Barclay wrote.

Launched in early 2013, OpsWorks helps developers automate the full length of the application lifecycle. Previously, it was available free of charge only for applications that resided in the AWS cloud.

Monday's announcement means that "[c]ustomers with on-premises servers no longer need to operate separate application management tools or pay up-front licensing costs but can instead use OpsWorks to manage applications that run on-premises, on AWS, or that span environments," Barclay said.

On-premises pricing for OpsWorks costs $0.02 per hour, per server. To use the service, users must register their on-premises servers through the OpsWorks Management Console, then install the OpsWorks agent on those servers using the AWS command-line interface.

AWS also announced that OpsWorks now supports "existing EC2 instances created outside of OpsWorks."

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