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Google One-Ups AWS' Per-Second Billing Plan

Google this week launched a per-second billing scheme for renting virtual machines running on its cloud, just over a week after rival Amazon Web Services did the same.

AWS Adds Machine Learning, AI Courses for Partners

In a bid to get its partners up to speed on the machine learning capabilities of its platform, Amazon Web Services has added two new AI-focused courses to its training and certification program.

AWS Plans First Middle East Cloud Region for 2019

Amazon Web Services on Monday announced it is extending its cloud datacenter infrastructure to the Middle East, the first of the Top 3 public cloud vendors to do so.

AWS Launches One-Click React Native Starter Project

Now available on GitHub is the Amazon Web Services "Mobile React Native Starter App," giving the rapidly evolving React Native ecosystem a new, simplified entry point.

Viacom's 'Master Controls' Exposed in Another Amazon S3 Error

Another week, another instance of a high-profile organization leaving its sensitive data in the Amazon Web Services cloud with little to no security protections.

AWS-Azure, AWS-OpenStack Most Popular Multicloud Combos

When it comes to determining the most common cloud configurations among enterprises, "diversity" is the key word.

Qumulo Puts Its File-Based Storage Solution on AWS

Qumulo, a provider of highly scalable file-based storage solutions, is extending its flagship offering to users of the Amazon Web Services cloud.

AWS To Start Billing Linux Instances by the Second

Amazon Web Services on Monday announced its plan to introduce per-second billing for certain EC2 instances and EBS volumes.

Nearly 4,000 Malware-Riddled Elasticsearch Servers Found on AWS

Researchers have discovered almost 4,000 Elasticsearch servers hosted on the Amazon Web Services cloud are infected with malware that targets point-of-sale (PoS) systems.

With X1 Addition, AWS Launches Its Largest EC2 Instance

Organizations running large memory-intensive workloads on Amazon Web Services now have a new instance option: the 4TB x1e.32xlarge.

AWS Adds Quick Starts for IBM Spectrum Scale, Red Hat OpenShift and Solace VMR

Amazon Web Services has added three more supported products to its library of Quick Start deployment guides.

Ryft Puts FPGA-Boosted Analytics on AWS Marketplace

Data analytics firm Ryft on Wednesday made its cloud-based and FPGA-optimized analytics platform available on the AWS Marketplace.

AWS Launches Quick Start for Building Data Lakes in Its Cloud

Amazon Web Services has made it easier for users to organize and analyze large amounts of native data using its infrastructure.

Execs Worried About Getting Left Behind by Cloud Innovation

The vast majority of IT pros and executives are concerned about missing out on emerging technology developments in cloud computing.

AWS Adds Lower-Cost GPU Instance to AppStream 2.0

Users of AppStream 2.0, the application streaming solution from Amazon Web Services, now have a new instance option for graphics-heavy applications.

Amazon S3 Security Gaffe Exposes Thousands of Vets, Intelligence Personnel

The personal data of thousands of U.S. military veterans, law enforcement officers and intelligence personnel was left exposed in an unsecured Amazon Simple Storage Service bucket, researchers reported this weekend.

HPE Acquires Major AWS Partner CTP

HPE said CTP's multicloud and hybrid cloud expertise will complement Pointnext, its cloud consulting and services business that it launched this past March.

AppStream 2.0 Gets AD Integration, Persistent Storage

Amazon Web Services' application streaming service recently got several new improvements, including integration with Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and added user management features.

AWS Launches Elastic GPUs for EC2 Instances

After a nine-month preview period, Amazon Web Services' new bolt-on GPU capability is now generally available.

Tech Partners Jump on VMware-AWS Hybrid Cloud

There's no shortage of early third-party support for VMware Cloud on AWS, the new hybrid cloud solution jointly developed by VMware and Amazon Web Services.

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