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AWS Eases On-Premises Server Migration to the Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has made it easier for organizations to migrate on-premises servers to the cloud, automating and simplifying numerous tasks and processes.

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Open Source AWS Dev Kit for Kubernetes Unveiled

Amazon Web Services recently unveiled a new Cloud Development Kit for Kubernetes (cdk8s), an open source software development framework for defining Kubernetes applications with familiar programming languages, now offered as an alpha product.

AWS Eases SaaS Contract Haggling

Amazon Web Services has eased the process of upgrading and renewing Software-as-a-Service contracts from independent software vendors.

AWS Adds Amplify Libraries for Creating iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Amazon Web Services has extended its Amplify functionality -- cloud tools/services for creating mobile/web apps -- with new specific iOS and Android libraries.

Survey: Not All Orgs Are All-In on Public Cloud

Contrary to expectations, most organizations surveyed in a recent report are moving certain workloads off of the public cloud and back on-premises.

Vogels: Pandemic Binge-Watching Demonstrates Value of Cloud

Amazon's rock-star engineer focused on how pandemic-driven uses of the cloud -- including binge-watching content from streaming services -- is proving the value of his company's cloud computing platform.

AWS and Red Hat Extend Partnership on OpenShift

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Red Hat have announced an extension of their existing partnership to deliver OpenShift on AWS.

Revamped Amazon Macie Adds ML Models, Pricing Changes

Amazon Web Services has added some key changes to Macie, its machine learning-powered security tool for Amazon S3.

AWS Launches Machine Learning Search Service Amazon Kendra

In preview since December, Amazon Kendra, an enterprise search tool from Amazon Web Services designed to recognize and accurately reply to natural language queries, is now generally available.

In Cloud-Native and Serverless Computing, AWS Is the Favorite

Amazon Web Services is the favorite among developers in the cloud-native and serverless computing spaces, according to new research by SlashData.

Microsoft, Amazon Trade Angry Blog Posts over Latest JEDI Challenge

Microsoft and Amazon have come to verbal blows over Amazon's ongoing protest of the Pentagon's $10 billion JEDI contract, awarded to Microsoft last fall.

AWS Launches Partner Competency for SaaS Experts

A new AWS Partner Network competency turns the spotlight on consulting firms with expertise in building software-as-a-service applications on the Amazon Web Services cloud.

COVID-19 No Match for Cloud Growth

Cloud giants Amazon Web Services and Microsoft are thriving even as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused other industries around the world to grind to a halt.

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AWS Makes It Easier To Onboard IoT Devices En Masse

Amazon Web Services has announced a new capability in its IoT Core service that lets users automate the process of onboarding large numbers of devices.

AWS Passes $10 Billion Mark

Amazon Web Services has reached a new revenue high, capping off a quarter in which the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has driven a surge in remote work and, consequently, in cloud services demand.

Cloud Study: Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud Dominate, Security a Top Worry

The vast majority of Flexera's survey respondents employ a multicloud strategy, with organizations using an average of 2.2 public clouds and 2.2 private clouds.

AWS Helps ML Devs Streamline Human Reviews with Amazon A2I

A new managed service called Amazon Augmented AI, or Amazon A2I, is now available from AWS to help developers improve the accuracy of their machine learning models with the help of human oversight.

Amazon AppFlow Automates Data Transfers from SaaS Apps to AWS

A new Amazon Web Services solution aims to give organizations an easier way to transfer data from their various software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications to the AWS cloud.

Google Launches Anthos App Platform with AWS Support

Google this week announced the general availability of Anthos for Amazon Web Services, part of Google's effort to embrace open standards and the ability to run unmodified applications on-premises or in the public cloud.

AWS Partners with Facebook on TorchServe Model Server

To help PyTorch users deploy their machine learning models quickly, Amazon Web Services has partnered with PyTorch developer Facebook to create the TorchServe open source model server.

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