Open Source AWS Dev Kit for Kubernetes Unveiled

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently unveiled a new Cloud Development Kit for Kubernetes (cdk8s), an open source software development framework for defining Kubernetes applications with familiar programming languages, now offered as an alpha product.

The cdk8s (pronounced "cd kates") kit now works with Typescript, JavaScript, and Python, with support for more languages on tap.

"cdk8s makes it easy for you to manage Kubernetes using the same tools, techniques, and workflows that you use to write applications. cdk8s generates pure Kubernetes YAML, so you can use it to define applications for any Kubernetes cluster running anywhere," AWS said.

Cloud Development Kit for Kubernetes
[Click on image for larger, animated GIF view.] Cloud Development Kit for Kubernetes in Animated Action (source: AWS).

A blog post listed these attributes of the new offering:

  • Works for any cluster: cdk8s is environment agnostic, able to run locally on user machines and generate standard Kubernetes YAML data, so developers or others can use it with any Kubernetes cluster running anywhere, including on-premises and the cloud.
  • Imperative approach to declarative state: cdk8s code is written using imperative languages but outputs the desired state as pure Kubernetes YAML. This provides the expressiveness and simplicity of imperative programming without compromising on the robustness of the declarative desired state approach.
  • Use any Kubernetes API version and custom resources: cdk8s includes a CLI tool that can import any version of the Kubernetes API to a project, and update to take advantage of new API versions when needed. Users can also import custom resource definitions.

Development of the open source alpha offering is carried out on GitHub, where the repo features several examples. Another GitHub repo, Awesome cdk8s, serves as a one-stop shop for cdk8s resources.

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