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AWS Unveils New Features for Smarter Data-Crunching

A trio of new Amazon Web Services enhancements announced at re:Invent this week promises to make it easier for customers to process, organize and make sense of their data assets across the AWS cloud.

Amazon Aurora Getting Key Updates, Including Version 2 of Serverless

Amazon Aurora Serverless, a component of the Amazon Aurora relational database engine that AWS regularly bills as its fastest-growing product, is getting a major update.

AWS on Compute Power Trip, Adding 5 New EC2 Instance Types

Amazon Web Services added five new instance types to its Elastic Compute Cloud this week, along with other enhancements intended to increase the flexibility of its compute offerings.

Informatica Boosts AWS Integrations, Launches Data Lake Management Solution

Informatica, a provider of cloud data management solutions for enterprises, has bolstered its toolset for organizations managing large amounts of data in the Amazon Web Services cloud.

With Mac EC2 Instances, Devs Can Now Run macOS Environments in AWS

Amazon Web Services kicked off its 2020 re:Invent conference, a three-week virtual event this year, with news that its customers can now provision macOS instances in its cloud for the first time.

Code Signing Comes to AWS Lambda

Users of Lambda, the serverless computing platform from Amazon Web Services, can now make sure that only approved and unaltered code is able to be executed in their environments.

AWS Goes on Rust Hiring Spree

Further deepening its involvement in the Rust community, AWS recently announced plans to hire a passel of engineers with expertise in the fast-growing open source programming language.

S3 Dashboard Tool Gives AWS Users In-Depth Storage Analytics

A new Simple Storage Service (S3) dashboard feature promises to give its users greater insights into their object storage usage, helping them cut costs and tighten security.

AWS Launches Managed Firewall Service for Virtual Private Clouds

Amazon Web Services is expanding its cloud security toolset with the launch of AWS Network Firewall, a managed service designed specifically for AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) customers.

AWS Launches No-Code ETL Tool with Glue DataBrew

Amazon Web Services this week announced the launch of Glue DataBrew, a tool that lets organizations prepare their data for machine learning projects using a simple point-and-click interface -- with no coding required.

AWS S3 Adds Storage Option for Rarely Accessed Data

Amazon Web Services recently announced several improvements related to its Simple Storage Service (S3), including an expansion of its Intelligent-Tiering option to accommodate archival data.

Dollar Bill Graphic

AWS Rakes in $11.6 Billion Amid Slowing Growth

As enterprises around the world continue to rely on cloud services to support employees working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon Web Services is holding steady.

AWS Open Sources More Components of Its Porting Assistant for .NET

The Porting Assistant for .NET tool from AWS, designed to help users port their old .NET Framework applications to the new .NET Core framework, is now available to the open source community.

A Near-Sweep for AWS in High-Performance Computing Survey

High-performance computing users ranked Amazon Web Services the No. 1 cloud computing platform in every category but one.

Object Ownership, Other Security Features Added to Amazon S3

Amazon Web Services recently introduced three new security features to its Simple Storage Service (S3), giving users more control over who can access which S3 buckets in their organization.


Amazon, Driven by AWS, Keeps the Tech Hires Rolling

Despite a hiring environment hampered by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, -- the parent company of cloud computing juggernaut AWS -- was the top tech employer in the second quarter, according to a recent Dice report.

AWS Outposts Cert Comes to Kubernetes Security Firm Alcide

Israel-based Alcide this week announced it has achieved the AWS Outposts Ready designation, indicating that the Kubernetes security solutions provider has demonstrated successful integration with AWS Outposts deployments.

AWS Previews Common Runtime HTTP Client for Java SDK

Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduced a new HTTP client for the AWS SDK for Java 2.0 this week.

Microsoft Retains JEDI Contract After DoD Investigation

After a months-long internal investigation, the Department of Defense (DoD) has "reaffirmed" Microsoft to be the winner of the $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract.

Trend Micro Adds Security to the DevOps Toolbox with AWS Integration

Trend Micro has announced the integration of two Amazon Web Services (AWS) offerings -- Control Tower and Systems Manager Distributor -- with its Cloud One security services platform.

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