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AWS Taps Iridium Satellites To Globalize Its IoT

AWS is pushing to take its Internet of Things IoT platform global, even to regions where Internet connectivity is spotty or nonexistent.

AWS Speeds Up Amazon Aurora Relational Database

Amazon Web Services boosted the query time performance of its Aurora relational database service, purpose-built to leverage the benefits of cloud computing.

AWS Caters to SAP HANA In-Memory Database with High-Memory Computing Instances

Now available are Amazon EC2 High Memory instances with 6 TB, 9 TB and 12 TB capacity, while even larger instances -- 18 TB and 24 TB -- will be available next year.

Salesforce, AWS Expand on Their Product Integrations

AWS and Salesforce have announced plans to further integrate their services in an effort to "simplify how customers can securely share and synchronize data" across their respective clouds.

AWS Puts Storage Gateway into Hardware Appliance

Amazon Web Services has put its Storage Gateway -- for connecting on-premises applications to AWS storage services -- into a hardware appliance.

AWS Simplifies Mobile, Web App Development

The company announced a guided API Builder to work with its AppSync service, used to build data-driven apps with real-time and offline capabilities.

AWS Integrates Lambda with Microsoft PowerShell Core 6.0

Amazon Web Services recently announced new support for PowerShell Core 6.0 in its Lambda serverless computing platform.

AWS IDs Proficient Partners in New Cloud Management Tools Competency

Amazon Web Services added a new category to its competency program to highlight partners who are recognized for their proficiency in specific areas, in this case, cloud management tools, which includes resource and cost optimization.

New AWS Migration Tool Announced

Plenty of options are available to help with the migration of systems and data to the Amazon Web Services cloud, with a new tool entering the space from Hystax, targeting any kind of workload.

AWS, Microsoft Azure Clouds Vie for Government/Public Sector Dominance

As they compete on many fronts for cloud computing dominance, both Amazon Web Services and No. 2 provider Microsoft Azure have recently ramped up efforts to woo the government/public sector markets.

AWS, VMware Strengthen Ties with Upcoming Amazon RDS on VMware

Amazon Web Services and virtualization specialist VMware have increased their cooperative ties with the announcement of the upcoming Amazon RDS on VMware.

TIBCO Unveils Data Science Offering on AWS Cloud

Coming soon to the AWS Marketplace, TIBCO Data Science will reportedly let data scientists share resources and collaborate using Big Data and machine learning capabilities, with data security and governance built in.

VMware Expands, Improves Its AWS Hybrid Cloud Solution

VMware kicked off its 2018 VMworld conference in Las Vegas on Monday by announcing several enhancements to its VMware Cloud on AWS hybrid offering, which first went live a year ago.

New AWS T3 Computing Instances Now Available

Amazon Web Services announced the next generation of its general-purpose computing instances, which are said to provide better price performance and unlimited bursting by default.

Microsoft Narrows AWS's Lead in Cloud Infrastructure Market

Cloud provider research for years has consistently named Amazon Web Services the overwhelmingly dominant player, doggedly pursued by No. 2 Microsoft Azure. That's still true, but a recent report by analyst firm Canalys says the gap has narrowed.

Amazon Releases Visual Studio Code Tool to Develop Alexa Skills

The Amazon Alexa dev team released an open source extension for the Visual Studio Code editor to help create and deploy Alexa skills.

Security Tool Now Available for AWS Cloud IoT Devices

Amazon Web Services announced the general availability of AWS IoT Device Defender to help organizations follow best practices in securing their Internet of Things devices.

Big Switch Networks Brings AWS-Like Cloud Networking Services to On-Premises

An off-hand remark from a customer resulted in new offerings from Big Switch Networks, which is taking AWS-like networking features to on-premises enterprise clouds, along with brand-new in-cloud products.

AWS Passes $6 Billion Mark in Q2 Earnings Report

Retail giant reported its second quarter earnings on Thursday, and the figures paint a positive picture for Amazon Web Services.

AWS SageMaker Algorithms and Frameworks Get Refresh

Amazon Web Services is rolling out several improvements to its SageMaker machine learning modeling platform, the company announced last week.

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