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New Resource Optimization Recommendations Help Control AWS Costs

AWS announced a new custom resource optimization recommendation service for Amazon EC2 users that analyzes past usage and advises users about opportunities to terminate idle instances and rightsize under-utilized instances.

Adobe Integrates Prototype/Design Tool with Amazon Alexa

Adobe announced integration with Amazon Alexa and its Adobe XD tool for prototyping and designing in a new initiative that includes the company's first-ever Alexa skill.

AWS Dominates Cloud Infrastructure Report for 9th Year

This year's report on Cloud Infrastructure as a Service from research firm Gartner Inc. is a lot like last year's report, further cementing the dominance of the "big three" in all things cloud computing, led by Amazon.

Cloud Security Survey: Top Concern Is Data Loss/Leakage

In a finding that probably comes as no surprise to users of the Amazon Web Services cloud platform, a new study says data loss/leakage is the No. 1 cloud security concern.

AWS Offers Visual Studio Code Toolkit

Visual Studio Code, a lightweight, open source, cross-platform code editor that has become the No. 1 tool for many developers, is now supported on the Amazon Web Services Inc. cloud with the general availability of a toolkit.

Cloud Firm's Data Shows Multi-Cloud 'Current Reality'

Mining its internal data, cloud cost optimization specialist ParkMyCloud has revealed interesting trends over the past year in its ecosystem, including a definite rise in multi-cloud implementations.

Open Source AWS Cloud Development Kit Eases Infrastructure-as-Code

AWS Cloud Development Kit, an open source software development framework helping developers define cloud infrastructure as code using familiar programming languages, has emerged from preview to become generally available.

AWS Security Hub Emerges from Preview, Now Generally Available

AWS Security Hub, a one-stop shop for users to monitor and manage security alerts and compliance information coming from a range of cloud services, has graduated from preview status, becoming generally available.

Survey: AWS Leads Cloud Market in Uptime

Organizations narrowly favor Amazon Web Services over rivals Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure in the areas of uptime, security and value.

Report: Kubernetes May Drive GCP Challenge to AWS Cloud Supremacy Among Developers

Most research has shown Microsoft's Azure cloud in second place behind perennial leader AWS in market supremacy, but a new report finds Google Cloud Platform at No. 2 in the developer space, perhaps driven by the increased popularity of Kubernetes.

Firm Open Sources Framework for AWS Infrastructure-as-Code

Seattle company Pulumi has open sourced a framework to smooth the process of enterprise application production and deployment on the Amazon Web Services cloud platform.

Apache Kafka-Based Data Streaming Now Available on AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services announced its managed data streaming service based on Apache Kafka is now generally available.

New 'AWS IoT Events' Detects Changes in Sensor Data, Automates Responses

Now generally available on the Amazon Web Services cloud is AWS IoT Events, a fully managed service that joins the portfolio of services and products based on Internet of Things implementations, simplifying the detection of sensor data changes and automatically responding to them.

AWS Beefs Up Database Services

The Amazon cloud continues to announce new data-related services, products and updates. Here's a capsule summation of recent data-themed news, all published within the last week.

Research: AWS Again Outpaces Market in Cloud Growth

Synergy Research Group's latest report tracking the cloud computing market again shows Amazon Web Services outpaced the market in terms of growth, though the "chasing pack" has gained market share.

New Generation of I/O Optimized AWS EC2 Instances Unveiled

Amazon Web Services announced a new generation of storage-optimized computing instances designed for I/O intensive workloads.

Now Ready for Production: Amazon Managed Blockchain

Amazon Managed Blockchain is a fully managed service designed to help users create and manage scalable blockchain networks using the open source framework Hyperledger Fabric. Support for another popular blockchain framework, Ethereum, is coming.

Cologix Eases Connectivity to AWS Cloud with Software-Defined Networking

Cologix announced a new platform that leverages software-defined networking to ease enterprise connectivity to cloud platforms, including AWS.

AWS Clocks 41 Percent Revenue Growth in Q1

Cloud giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) released its first-quarter earnings for fiscal 2019 on Thursday, reporting $7.7 billion in revenue for the period-ended March 31, just surpassing analysts' expectations.

AWS Offers to Help Migrate Server VMs from Azure Cloud

Amazon Web Services is offering to help organizations migrate their applications and workloads from Microsoft's Azure cloud to the Amazon cloud.

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