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Next-Gen Amazon EC2 Instances Launched

Amazon Web Services Inc. has unveiled new general purpose Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances.

Free Mesosphere Datacenter OS on AWS Exclusively

Cloud computing startup Mesosphere announced the general availability of its Datacenter Operating System (DCOS), of which a free community edition is available only on the Amazon Web Services cloud for now.

AWS Responds to Calls for Energy Use Transparency

Company responds to debate about energy use and environmental impact following negative Greenpeace report.

Alibaba Challenges AWS in Cloud Computing

The dominance of Amazon Web Services isn't deterring new competitors from entering the public cloud computing arena, with giant e-commerce company Alibaba Group being the latest to join the fray.

Go Language SDK Now in AWS Developer Preview

Amazon Web Services has taken another step in the process of developing an official SDK for the Go programming language with the release of a developer preview.

Kinesis Simplifies Streaming Data Capture

Amazon Kinesis, the Big Data streaming analytics tool on the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) cloud, has received several updates, including a new simplified capture mechanism.

HP Helion Update Supports AWS-Compatible Private Clouds

HP today announced an update to its flagship enterprise cloud computing software will support private cloud deployments compatible with the Amazon Web Services public cloud platform.

EMC Arms Itself with Virtustream To Challenge AWS

Recent reports that Amazon Web Services Inc. dwarfs its cloud computing rivals isn't keeping competitors such as EMC from expanding their portfolios to challenge the market leader.

AWS Now Supported by Microsoft StorSimple

Microsoft last week updated its StorSimple storage management product to include support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and OpenStack.

Report Shows Security Tools Most Popular on AWS

Being an original premier partner of Amazon Web Services Inc. and a specialist in helping enterprises move to the cloud, 2ndWatch has a unique perspective on AWS usage trends, which it shared in a report that revealed security tools were the most popular third-party purchase.

NetApp Introduces AltaVault for Cloud Backup

NetApp today introduced the AltaVault cloud-integrated storage solution, promising cheaper backup to the AWS cloud.

ObserveIT Seeks to Fill AWS Security Gaps

ObserveIT has launched CloudThreat, a free tool to augment the baked-in security of the Amazon Web Services cloud IaaS platform through user activity monitoring to detect cyber attacks.

AWS Beats Azure in Gartner Magic Quadrant Market Research Report

Gartner Inc. pointed to Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) and Microsoft Azure as the only "leaders" in its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) classification of cloud providers in a Magic Quadrant market research report.

Cloud Innovation Focusing on Temporary Jobs

Call them Spot Instances, Preemptible VMs or whatever, but short-lived, non-mission-critical, temporary cloud compute jobs are emerging as a second front in the cloud compute wars.

OpsWorks Management Tool Now Supports Windows

Amazon Web Services added support for Windows Server 2012 R2 to its OpsWorks application management service.

Researcher Says IaaS Cloud Industry in 'State of Upheaval'

With cloud computing overtaking on-premises datacenters, the Infrastructure-as-a-Service arena dominated by Amazon Web Services is in a state of upheaval, according to research firm Gartner, as major industry players shake themselves out.

Cloud Price Wars Continue with Google Cuts

With today's news of Google Cloud Platform price cuts, users of the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) cloud are likely anticipating a response from their service, based on the past history of cloud vendors' tit-for-tat matching of pricing moves.

Azure Edges Amazon in Cloud Storage Testing

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage edged out Amazon Simple Storage Service in performance testing conducted by enterprise cloud storage company Nasuni Corp.

AWS Educate Launched for Learning Cloud Technologies

Amazon Web Services today officially launched AWS Educate, a free service for educators and students designed to prepare IT pros, developers and business staffers to enter the cloud workforce.

Ravello Puts Networking Labs on AWS

Ravello Systems launched Smart Labs for the Amazon and Google clouds for testing networking and security implementations.

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