AWS re:Invent 2020 Recap

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year's re:Invent conference was held as a three-week virtual event that kicked off on Nov. 30 and ended this past Friday. Despite the adapted setting, Amazon Web Services (AWS) still announced a (characteristically) vast amount of product updates, milestones and launches.

Below are some highlights. For the complete list of re:Invent announcements (over 140 in all), visit this AWS portal.

With Mac EC2 Instances, Devs Can Now Run macOS Environments in AWS
AWS kicked off its 2020 re:Invent conference, a three-week virtual event this year, with news that its customers can now provision macOS instances in its cloud for the first time. [Read here]

AWS on Compute Power Trip, Adding 5 New EC2 Instance Types
AWS added five new instance types to its Elastic Compute Cloud this week, along with other enhancements intended to increase the flexibility of its compute offerings. [Read here]

Amazon Aurora Getting Key Updates, Including Version 2 of Serverless
Amazon Aurora Serverless, a component of the Amazon Aurora relational database engine that AWS regularly bills as its fastest-growing product, is getting a major update. [Read here]

With Trainium Chip, AWS Lowers Cost Barrier to Machine Learning Training
A custom machine learning processor from AWS called Trainium is poised for release in 2021, the company revealed at its re:Invent conference this week. [Read here]

AWS Unveils New Features for Smarter Data-Crunching
A trio of new AWS enhancements announced at re:Invent this week promises to make it easier for customers to process, organize and make sense of their data assets across the AWS cloud. [Read here]

AWS Debuts Proton for Container Automation, Other Container Solutions
AWS unveiled four new container solutions during re:Invent this week, expanding the reach of its container and Kubernetes services to on-premises installations. [Read here]

Machine Learning-Based Amazon DevOps Guru Hits Preview
AWS has unveiled its new DevOps Guru managed operations service, which uses machine learning to detect operational issues and automatically recommends specific actions for remediation. [Read here]

SageMaker Improvements Aim To Make Machine Learning Even More Accessible
Amazon SageMaker, touted by AWS as a machine learning platform for "everyday developers," stands to become even more accessible via a host of new features announced this week at re:Invent. [Read here]

AWS Adds ISV Partner Resources, Expands Marketplace
AWS recently announced enhancements to its AWS Partner Network offerings, including more resources for independent software vendors, new competencies and a broader partner marketplace. [Read here]

AWS Sets Goal To Train 29 Million People on Cloud by 2025
With demand for cloud computing skills on the rise, AWS has unveiled a plan to provide free cloud training to millions of people around the world. [Read here]

AWS Unveils Next-Gen Greengrass Platform, Now Open Source
Version 2.0 of AWS Greengrass, an edge runtime service from AWS that lets Internet of Things devices tap into the AWS cloud, was released this week. [Read here]

Informatica Boosts AWS Integrations, Launches Data Lake Management Solution
Informatica, a provider of cloud data management solutions for enterprises, has bolstered its toolset for organizations managing large amounts of data in the AWS cloud. [Read here]

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