Firm Launches Portal to Petabytes of Public Data on AWS Cloud

Quilt Data, which promises to help users "manage data like code" with a versioned data portal for AWS, launched a new portal that it says unlocks petabytes of public data for discovery and sharing.

The portal,, shows the availability of 10.2 billion objects, 3.7 petabytes of of data and 24 S3 (AWS storage) buckets.

"Quilt is a versioned data portal for AWS," the site says. " offers access to the world's public data in S3, including Amazon's Registry of Open Data."

The portal can be used by data-centric pros such as engineers, scientists, and developers, and even non-technical users, to explore visualizations of data such as Terrain Tiles of earth and a Jupyter Notebook archive. It reportedly serves the non-technical user group by elminating the need for specialized expertise and infrastructure.

In Quilt's view, those requirements held back the use of the world's cloud-stored data, affecting business decisions and holding back data-intensive initiatives such as data modeling and artificial intelligence implementations.

"With, more than 12 petabytes of public data in agriculture, geospatial sciences, finance, economics, tax records and weather are immediately accessible as maps, tables and images, and searchable with natural language queries," a news release stated. "This new level of accessibility allows organizations to enrich their quantitative models with up-to-the minute data and deliver insights on critical questions in climate, public policy and business intelligence."

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.


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