Careers Site: Demand for AWS Skills Surges reported a huge surge in demand for professionals skilled in the workings of the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) cloud.

AWS isn't the sole target of cloud-centric employers, but -- fitting its status as the unquestioned pioneer and leader in the field -- it's the overwhelming target of choice.

"On, the number of job postings asking for skill in Amazon Web Services increased 76 percent between June 2015 and June 2016," said Dice President Bob Melk in his latest update titled July 2016: Cloud-Based Tools Continue to Dominate.

Other cloud-related job categories also saw upticks in demand, with seeing a 37 percent increase, DevOps demand going up 35 percent, and Cloud 28 percent.

"Although 'cloud' has been a buzzword for several years by this point, corporate enthusiasm for the model remains seemingly unchecked, and it's easy to see why," Melk said. "The ability of cloud services to provision remote servers with just a few clicks, or seamlessly update to the latest version of mission-critical software, makes them a far more enticing option than maintaining on-premises infrastructure. As tech vendors have built out their cloud services, clients now have access to tools that will cover a variety of business processes, from storage to marketing."

Other technology skills seeing an increase in demand include Big Data -- as always -- along with automation and program management.

According to Melk, the demand for cloud and relates skills is likely to persist for a while.

"The need for cloud and data specialists is unlikely to abate anytime soon, especially as the software platforms powering businesses become more powerful (and, in many ways, more complex)," he said. "For tech professionals, learning any new cloud-related skills is a reliable way to advance their careers. On the employer side of the equation, companies should prepare to continue paying top dollar for specialists in increasingly ubiquitous technologies."

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