Kafka 201 for Architects and Developers

What is the future of Kafka beyond messaging? Join Tim Berglund, Head of OSS Kafka Developer Community, to talk about what the future holds for Kafka.

This talk will cover some of the concepts and capabilities of ksqlDB, which allows many interesting forward-thinking use cases. We’ll show how you can apply transformations to a stream of events from one Kafka topic to another. We will also be discussing using ksqlDB connectors to bring in data from other systems and use that data to join and enrich streams.

Register now to learn:

  • What is ksqlDB, and how does it work?
  • ksqlDB use cases, architecture, and components
  • Demo of how to process streams of events
  • How to use the ksqlDB API to get state directly from the materialized store
  • Introduction to Confluent Developer

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