Ryft Puts FPGA-Boosted Analytics on AWS Marketplace

Data analytics firm Ryft on Wednesday made its cloud-based and FPGA-optimized analytics platform available on the AWS Marketplace.

The Ryft Cloud accelerated analytics solution uses field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) to perform data queries at significantly faster rates than traditional CPU-based analytics platforms -- up to 91 times faster, according to Ryft's benchmark testing.

Its availability on the AWS Marketplace lets customers run Ryft Cloud on top of AWS' F1 instance family. First unveiled at last November's re:Invent conference and generally available since this April, the F1 instance comes with either one or eight FPGA cards (depending on the customer's choice of configuration) and is designed for workloads that require custom hardware acceleration, such as those in the fields of genomics research, financial analytics and real-time video processing.

"Ryft on the Amazon F1 is making the powerful performance of FPGAs available and easy-to-use for everyone by providing significant performance and feature improvements to today's most popular analytics platforms," said Ryft CEO Des Wilson in a prepared statement. "And with Ryft's library of connectors and open APIs that eliminate the need for FPGA-specific programming knowledge, Amazon's customers can instantly and easily benefit from the vast advantages FPGA-accelerated computing has to offer."

Ryft is offering two Amazon Machine Images (AMI) through the AWS Marketplace. The first is a toolkit that lets developers integrate Ryft's analytics capabilities into their applications or existing analytics interfaces.

The second AMI builds on the open source Elasticsearch search engine by adding "expanded Regular Expression and fuzzy search capabilities," according to Ryft's announcement.

More information on the Ryft Cloud on AWS is available here. A free demo is also available here with registration.

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