Deadline 10 Launches with AWS Integration

Deadline 10, the latest version of the render-management platform developed by recent Amazon Web Services (AWS) acquisition Thinkbox Software, is now generally available.

AWS acquired Winnipeg, Canada-based Thinkbox earlier this year, inheriting the 7-year-old company's line of visual effects and rendering software solutions, including Deadline.

Deadline is a compute management solution designed to help users juggle the various cloud-based and on-premises resources they use for rendering projects, which are typically very compute-intensive and distributed.

Version 10, which entered public preview less than three weeks ago, reached general availability on Tuesday and delivers deeper integration with AWS. For instance, a new AWS Portal feature directly links a user's on-premises Deadline render farm to their AWS cloud environment.

"Deadline 10 is our first step into making rendering in the cloud a few click process through the new AWS Portal feature," AWS said in its announcement of the release. "It automatically connects to customers' on-prem farms, tags AWS instances for tracking and synchronizes with local asset servers automatically to ensure all appropriate files have been transferred before rendering begins."

Other features include a new asset transfer feature that syncs a user's on-premises network file system to the cloud on an on-demand basis.

The new release also features added licensing flexibility. "Deadline 10 customers using AWS resources can purchase software licenses from the Thinkbox marketplace, deploy existing licenses or leverage a combination of the two," according to AWS.

More information on the Deadline 10 release is available here.

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Gladys Rama (@GladysRama3) is the editorial director of Converge360.


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