AWS Adds Training Bootcamps

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) has added four new training bootcamps to its AWS Training offerings.

The new courses were reportedly popular when presented during recent events including the re:Invent show and regional Summits, according to a recent blog post.

They include:

  • Taking AWS Operations to Next Level teaches how to leverage AWS CloudFormation, Chef and AWS SDKs to automate provisioning and configuration of AWS infrastructure resources and applications. Designed for solutions architects and SysOps administrators, it also covers how to work with AWS Service Catalog.
  • Securing Next-Gen Applications at Cloud Scale teaches how to use a DevSecOps approach to design and build robust security controls at cloud scale for next-generation workloads. It covers design considerations of operating high-assurance workloads on the AWS platform. Labs teach governance, configuration management, trust-decision automation, audit artifact generation, and native integration of tasks into custom software workloads. This course is for security engineers, developers, solutions architects and other technical security practitioners.
  • Running Container-Enabled Microservices on AWS teaches how to manage and scale container-enabled applications by using Amazon ECS. Labs teach to use Amazon ECS to handle long-running services, build and deploy container images, link services together, and scale capacity to meet demand. This course is for developers, solutions architects and system administrators.
  • Building a Recommendation Engine on AWS teaches how to build a real-time analytics and geospatial search application using Amazon ES, Amazon DynamoDB, DynamoDB Streams, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda and Amazon S3. It discusses a real-world location-aware social application that displays information generated from a model created with Amazon Machine Learning. It also covers best practices for processing and analyzing data, such as the lambda data processing pattern and automating development process, using Swagger, Grunt and the AWS SDK. This course is for developers, solutions architects and data scientists.

The AWS Training site provides schedules, locations and costs for various classes here.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.


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