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AWS Eases .NET App Deployment

Developers deploying .NET applications to the Amazon Web Services cloud can now enjoy a guided, streamlined experience with a new wizard suggesting compute and other options.

Serverless Gains Ground Among AWS, Azure, Google Users

Serverless computing is increasingly becoming the norm across users of cloud's Big 3 vendors, according to new data from monitoring and security specialist Datadog.

AWS Launches Preview of .NET Annotations Lambda Framework

On the heels of releasing the .NET 6 managed runtime for AWS Lambda, Amazon Web Services has released a preview of the .NET Annotations Lambda Framework.

Top Health Care Automation Platform Lands on AWS Marketplace

Madaket Health's provider data management (PDM) platform, used by over 80 percent of all U.S.-based health services providers, is now on the AWS Marketplace.

Solodev To Launch AWS-Based Serverless Patient Portal Solution 

Cloud services company Solodev announced a new offering to help health care companies launch and manage highly secure patient portals based in the Amazon Web Services cloud. 

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For Cloud Training, AWS Turns to Metaverse (Sort Of)

Amazon Web Services this week took the wraps off a novel way to train users on its cloud: a metaverse-like game called AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner.

Report: AWS Falls Behind Microsoft Azure (In Some Areas)

"Microsoft Azure usage surpasses that of AWS" is one of the main takeaways from the Flexera 2022 State of the Cloud Report.

AWS Bars New Customers in Russia and Belarus

Amid the ongoing invasion of Ukraine, Amazon Web Services is the latest high-profile business to withhold its services from Russia and Russian ally Belarus.

AWS Launches .NET 6 Runtime for Lambda

Amazon Web Services is enabling .NET-centric cloud coders to do their serverless computing projects with the latest edition of Microsoft's open source developer platform.

Feds Identify Cloud as 1 of Top 5 Threats to Electronic Health Data

With health care organizations increasingly falling victim to cyberattacks, a U.S. government agency has named cloud-borne security threats as one of the industry's biggest minefields.

AWS GuardDuty Now Detects EC2 Instance Credential Exfiltration

AWS added a new capability to Amazon GuardDuty this week that allows the threat detection service to spot EC2 instance credentials being used by other AWS accounts.

Meta Taps AWS for AI and Third-Party Collaborations

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, plans to expand its use of Amazon Web Services to provide privacy, reliability and scale in the cloud, the two companies announced this week.

AWS, VMware Expert Asystec Acquired by Microsoft Partner Ergo

Cloud service providers Ergo and Asystec, both based in Ireland, are combining their expertise in a deal valued at €25 million ($28.6 million).

AWS Coming to More Smart Cars with Stellantis Deal

Automaker Stellantis has tapped AWS to be its primary partner for developing its smart-car platform and for bringing more intuitive technologies to its vehicles.

Amazon the Fastest-Growing Vendor in Enterprise IT Sales in 2021

When it comes to sales to enterprises and service providers, cloud giant Amazon was the fastest-growing vendor in 2021, based on recent figures from Synergy Research.

Tech Pundits Kick AWS After It Goes Down

The reaction to this week's big Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage that took down multiple high-profile Web sites has been predictably scathing.

Amazon and Gilead Partner in the Cloud for Medical Research

Amazon Web Services this week announced a partnership in the cloud with Gilead Sciences Inc., a biopharmaceutical company.

AWS Unveils Graviton3 Chips To Power New Heavy-Duty Instance

Amazon Web Services has unveiled a new instance type for compute-intensive workloads that will run on the next generation of its popular Graviton processor.

New AWS Program Urges Graviton Adoption Among Customers and Partners

Amazon Web Services has introduced a new incentive for partners to build solutions around its powerful Graviton and Graviton2 processors.

AWS Brings Secrets Detection Capability to CodeGuru Reviewer

Amazon Web Services is giving developers the ability to scan their code for embedded "secrets," or highly sensitive data, such as passwords, user names and access tokens.

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