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AWS Launches $230M AI Fund, Opens Applications for AI Accelerator

Amazon Web Services is earmarking nearly a quarter of a billion dollars to nurture promising AI startups.

Mandatory MFA for AWS Accounts Takes Effect

As promised, AWS is beginning to make multifactor authentication (MFA) a requirement for its account holders.

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AWS, Researchers Developing AI To Fight Medical Misinformation

AWS has been working with researchers on an AI system built on its cloud that would help public health officials detect and combat the spread of medical misinformation.

Amazon Joins Microsoft, Google in Putting Limits on Its AI Tech

Amazon has joined a consortium of 16 tech giants in pledging to kill development of new AI systems if they cross a certain risk threshold.

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Amazon Expands Its Library of Free 'Q' Training Courses

Amazon Web Services recently launched two free training courses to get users and customers up to speed on its new enterprise AI assistant, Amazon Q.

AWS Throws More of Its Billions into Spain Datacenter Region

Amazon Web Services is building out its cloud and AI infrastructure in Spain, committing nearly $17 billion (15.7 billion euros) over 10 years to the effort.

Selipsky To Exit AWS; Matt Garman Named New CEO

After 15 years at Amazon Web Services, three of them as its CEO, Adam Selipsky is leaving the company. Stepping into the CEO position is Matt Garman, an AWS veteran of nearly two decades.

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AWS Makes Bedrock Studio Available in Preview and SSO-Accessible

A new feature in Amazon Bedrock now gives developers an easily accessible environment to start building generative AI applications.

Broadcom Scrambles To Allay VMware-AWS 'Breakup' Worries

Reports that VMware is leaving the Amazon Web Services cloud are greatly exaggerated, according to Broadcom CEO Hock Tan this week.

IBM Expands Availability in AWS Marketplace from 5 to 92 Countries

Big Blue is significantly expanding access to its products, including its Watson family of AI solutions, for Amazon Web Services customers around the globe.


Amazon's Enterprise AI Assistant, 'Q,' Now Generally Available

First introduced as a preview release last fall at re:Invent, Amazon Q is now available for commercial use.

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Amazon Bedrock Update Wave: Expanded Model Library and Custom Model Support

Amazon Bedrock, Amazon Web Services' relatively new and growing AI development platform, grew even more this week.

How Nitro System Became the Key to AWS' AI Security Efforts

Amazon Web Services is taking steps to position its Nitro hypervisor, which already underpins its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) solution, as the center of its AI security strategy.

Amazon Recruits AI Luminary Andrew Ng to Its Board

In a sign of the times, cloud and e-commerce giant Amazon has brought renowned AI researcher Andrew Ng onto its board of directors.

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AWS Activate Credits Can Now Be Used for Bedrock Access

Amazon Web Services is expanding its Activate program for startups to include more AI perks, the cloud giant said in a blog post this week.

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AWS Laying Off Hundreds in Effort To 'Streamline'

Amazon Web Services on Wednesday confirmed to multiple outlets that it plans to lay off hundreds of its tech, sales and marketing staff.

AWS Completes Its $4B Funding of Claude AI Maker Anthropic

Amazon Web Services has ponied up full amount of its promised $4 billion investment in generative AI company Anthropic.

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AWS-Nvidia Partnership Takes Multiple Steps Forward at GTC

Amazon Web Services this week described plans to bolster its AI infrastructure using new Nvidia technologies announced at the chip giant's ongoing GTC conference.

AWS Calls First Cloud Dibs on Anthropic's Claude 3 AI Models

Much like the relationship between fellow cloud giant Microsoft and OpenAI, Amazon is benefitting from investing in a company that develops foundational AI models.

AWS Adds Mistral to Bedrock AI Model Lineup

Amazon is growing the lineup of generative AI models that are available through its Bedrock developer platform.

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