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AWS-Iridium Network for Satellite-Based IoT Launches

Originally expected to launch last year, the IoT network developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and satellite network provider Iridium finally became live in late January.

AWS, Azure and Google Jockey for Position Among Job Seekers and Employers

Microsoft's Azure cloud platform has made recent inroads against competitors Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in terms of job availability and interest.

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AWS Commits to a Full-Blown Cloud Region in Osaka

AWS is expanding its ever-growing infrastructure footprint, announcing plans this week to turn an existing "local" region in Osaka, Japan, into a full-blown cloud region, complete with three availability zones, sometime next year.

AWS Slashes Price of CloudEndure Disaster Recovery

Amazon Web Services (AWS) this week announced a significant price reduction -- about 80 percent -- in its CloudEndure disaster recovery service, which it acquired a year ago.

AWS Backup Gets More Functionality, Including 'Cross-Region' Support

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has added a trio of new features to its managed backup service, which turns 1 year old this week.

With AutoGluon, AWS Promises To Simplify Deep Learning for Non-Experts

AutoGluon is the latest to join the growing roster of AWS products aimed at making machine learning -- specifically deep learning -- more accessible to developers with little experience in that area.

AWS Warns Database Users To Update Their Certs Soon

An "urgent & important" announcement from AWS this week is urging users of AWS database services to update their existing SSL/TLS certificates or risk losing connectivity.

CES: AWS Spotlights IoT and AI Integrations

AWS and its partners showcased the ways in which the cloud provider's IoT and AI offerings are creating new opportunities for software makers, particularly in the automotive space.

Google's Cloud Makes Performance Gains Against AWS

The price/performance gap between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the other top cloud computing vendors, particularly Google Cloud Platform (GCP), is shrinking.

Amazon Files Formal Protest Against Microsoft's JEDI Win

After indicating last month that it would challenge the U.S. Department of Defense's process for awarding the massive contract to Microsoft, Amazon has formally filed suit.

AWS Tests Enterprise Search Service Backed by Machine Learning

Amazon Kendra, a new natural language search service for enterprises, is now available for public preview.

Amazon Builders' Library Sheds Light on Internal AWS Development Practices

Amazon Web Services has unveiled the Amazon Builders’ Library, a collection of articles and resources that explain the technical details about how the company builds and runs its business, specifically the software.

Report Finds SQL Server on Azure Faster than AWS

A new research report found that SQL Server runs faster on Micrososft's Azure cloud than on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

Amazon Detective Is on the Case, Helped by Machine Learning

Amazon Web Services announced Amazon Detective, a new security service that uses machine learning and other technology to improve sleuthing.

AWS Announces Amazon Braket for Quantum Computing

Amazon Braket, a new managed service for quantum computing on the AWS cloud, was announced by Amazon Web Services during its re:Invent conference.

New SageMaker Autopilot Automates AWS Machine Learning Models

Amazon has unveiled SageMaker Autopilot, a new tool for its SageMaker machine learning platform that the company says can boost machine learning projects by automating tasks such as data preprocessing, training parameters and classification.

AWS Adds .NET, Java Support in Cloud Development Kit

Support for .NET and Java, two of the most popular development approaches, is now generally available in the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), according to an announcement last week by Amazon Web Services.

Faster Datacenter Chip Reportedly Coming from AWS

Amazon Web Service has designed a new datacenter processor that will be at least 20 percent faster than its predecessor, sources told Reuters last week.

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Report: AWS Performance Predictability Tied to Internet Reliance

ThousandEyes has published cloud performance research that cites AWS's reliance on the public Internet -- rather than its own backbone network -- as contributing to operational risks that can impact performance predictability.

AWS CloudFormation Infrastructure Tool Boosts Import Functionality, More

Amazon Web Services has been busy updating its AWS CloudFormation service, used for describing and provisioning infrastructure resources for cloud environments.

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