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AWS Is a 'Most-Loved' Development Platform, Survey Says

In the Stack Overflow survey, which polled more than 100,000 developer-types, AWS came in at No. 3 among most-loved platforms (68.6 percent of respondents), trailing Linux (76.5 percent) and serverless (75.2 percent).

AWS Scores High Marks for Data Management Analytics

Amazon Web Services dominates a "Magic Quadrant" study from research firm Gartner examining the Data Management Solutions for Analytics market, which involves Big Data, data warehouses and more.

VMware Expands AWS Cloud Services

Enterprise software vendor and virtualization specialist VMware boosted various offerings on the Amazon Web Services cloud as part of a wide-ranging push to simplify multi-cloud adoption and expand its Cloud Services portfolio.

AWS Publishes New Guidance on Big Data Using Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra

With the dizzying array of Big Data services available on the AWS cloud, all of the options can sometimes be hard to understand, a problem the company is addressing with continuing guidance that outlines best practices and other tips for using the various offerings.

AWS Outage Affects Hundreds of Enterprise Services

Amazon Web Services on Friday experienced at outage in its AWS-East Region (Ashburn) that reportedly affected hundreds of enterprise services.

AWS One-Stop Shop for Serverless Apps Now Available

With serverless computing becoming increasingly popular in cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services, the company announced its one-stop shop to find such applications -- the AWS Serverless Application Repository -- is now generally available.

BBC Finds Security Researchers Are Warning Users of Exposed AWS Data

The BBC has reported that security researchers are leaving "friendly warnings" about exposed data stores on the Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform, following a series of reports about wide-open and stolen data.

State of the Enterprise Cloud: Azure Closes Ground on AWS

In its seventh annual cloud computing report, RightScale confirmed findings of many similar studies: Microsoft's Azure platform is gaining ground on Amazon Web Services, but there's a lot more ground left to make up.

Study Says AWS Is Most 'Developer Friendly' Platform

Professional services company Accenture published a new developer ecosystem study that indicates Amazon Web Services ranks highly for its friendliness to coders.

Oracle Enters Datacenter Build-Out Race with Major Cloud Push

In one of its most ambitious infrastructure projects to date, Oracle this week announced plans to quadruple its current cloud footprint by building 12 new datacenters across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Freelancing Site Sees Surge in Demand for Amazon DynamoDB Skills

Freelancing specialist Upwork has published a new index tracking the most-wanted skills sought by organizations, with the Amazon DynamoDB NoSQL database service seeing a surge in demand.

AWS Adds Encryption Functionality to NoSQL Database Service

Amazon Web Services -- the subject of multiple data exposure reports recently -- has beefed up the security of its Amazon DynamoDB NoSQL database service by adding encryption at rest functionality.

AWS IoT Core Eases Device Connection

Amazon Web Services this week announced easier Internet of Things device connection enabled by new TLS client authentication functionality.

Research: Alibaba Joins AWS, Other Cloud Computing Leaders

Synergy Research Group published cloud computing market share data that for the first time shows Alibaba edging its way into the top group of providers, long and widely led by Amazon Web Services.

VMware Offers AWS Greengrass Appliance for IoT Edge Computing

VMware is previewing a new appliance that brings analytics, serverless computing and even machine learning intelligence to Internet of Things edge devices.

AWS Clears the $5 Billion Mark in Q4 Earnings

Amazon Web Services earned nearly $17.5 billion in revenue for all of 2017, according to's fiscal fourth quarter financial earnings report on Thursday.

Analyst Says Microsoft Took Cloud Market Share from AWS in Q4 2017

Microsoft's Azure cloud stole some public cloud computing market share from Amazon Web Services in the fourth fiscal quarter of 2017, according to research analysts at investment bank KeyBanc quoted by CNBC.

Report Highlights Versa SD-WAN Integration with AWS Cloud

Versa Networks, a specialist in new-age software-centric networking technologies, announced a research report highlighting the integration of its offerings with the Amazon Web Services cloud.

AWS Acquires Security Firm Founded by NSA Vets

Amazon Web Services has snapped up a security software firm with close ties to the U.S. National Security Agency.

AWS Going Big on Go

After recently releasing a preview of its SDK for Go 2.0, Amazon Web Services is continuing to infuse support for the Go programming language across multiple services on its cloud computing platform, with AWS Lambda being the latest.

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