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AWS Launches Cloud-Based Call Center Service's in-house call center platform, which it uses to interact with millions of online retail customers around the world, is now available for purchase by Amazon Web Services customers.

Now on GitHub: LocalStack, a Tool for Local AWS Mocking and Testing

A new project on the GitHub open source code repository is the LocalStack tool for testing and mocking AWS cloud development projects, published by enterprise software company Atlassian.

AWS Adds Enterprise Features to Desktop-App-in-a-Browser Tool

Amazon Web Services has updated its AppStream 2.0 tool for running desktop apps in a browser, adding features for enterprise users, smaller companies and software vendors.

AWS Nods to Node.js Developers

Amazon Web Services continued to court coders using its Lambda serverless computing service, announcing updated Node.js support.

AWS DevOps Firm Stelligent Acquired by Hosting

Managed cloud services provider Hosting has acquired Stelligent, a provider of DevOps automation solutions for Amazon Web Services, for an unknown sum.

Promotional Credits Lure Open Source Earth Imagery Project to AWS

Startup Radiant said promotional credits helped persuade the company to host its open source Earth imagery platform on the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Amazon Stress Tests Snowball Edge Storage Device (with Explosives!)

Device is placed on floating barge and subjected to underwater explosion to test ruggedness -- it lived.

Fauna's 'First Serverless Database' Works with AWS Lambda

San Francisco startup Fauna Inc. has launched FaunaDB Serverless Cloud, described as the "first serverless database," supporting major public cloud platforms and hooking into function-as-a-service systems such as AWS Lambda.

AWS Parries Google with More Flexible Reserved Instances

Days after Google unveiled its pricing model for reserved compute capacity, Amazon Web Services answered with a new flexibility benefit in its Reserved Instances model.

Amazon Promotes Alexa Skills Development with $100 Usage Credits

Amazon is awarding $100 promotional credits to developers who publish Alexa skills, which provide natural language commands to voice-controlled home computing devices such as Echo.

New in AWS Marketplace: TeamViewer for Workspaces, RiverMeadow Server Migration, BlockStack Core

Last week was busy in the AWS Marketplace, as new offerings were added for TeamViewer for AWS Workspaces, RiverMeadow Server Migration SaaS and Blockstack Core.

Teradata's New IntelliCloud Leverages AWS for Big Data Analytics

Teradata this week announced a secure managed cloud service for Big Data analytics that features the Amazon Web Services cloud as a deployment option.

Google Unveils Its Answer to AWS Reserved Instances

Google's public cloud platform is giving Amazon Web Services a run for its money, at least in regard to the cost of using compute resources.

AWS Tweaks Aurora as Its Database Migrations Climb

Amazon Web Services this week announced several improvements to its relational database product, Amazon Aurora.

BlueData Taps AWS Cloud for Hybrid Big Data-as-a-Service

BlueData Software Inc. tapped the Amazon Web Services cloud to add support for hybrid architectures to the latest release of its Big-Data-as-a-Service software.

AWS Named 'Leader' in Data Management Solutions for Analytics

Research firm Gartner is out with a new Magic Quadrant report for Data Management Solutions for Analytics, in which the Amazon Web Services cloud was named a "leader."

AWS Acquires Creative Software Firm Thinkbox

Amazon Web Services on Monday acquired Thinkbox Software, a Canadian firm that specializes in high-performance computing solutions for creative industries.

More 'Quick Start' Deployment Solutions Added to the AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services has added to its portfolio of Quick Starts, which provide reference deployment packages for popular solutions.

AWS Blames Unplanned System Restarts for S3 Outage

This week's hours-long Amazon Web Services outage was caused by an incorrectly typed command that forced inadvertent restarts of key Amazon S3 subsystems, the company said.

Genymobile Puts Android OS on AWS Marketplace

Genymobile is now providing a complete Android operating environment on the Amazon Web Services cloud with a new AWS Marketplace offering.

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