Another SD-WAN Vendor Chooses AWS for Cloud Delivery

Yet another software-defined networking (SDN) vendor -- ADARA Networks -- has taken its SD-WAN wares to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform, in this case with the paramount promise of reducing network latency.

ADARA last week announced its SD-WAN offerings are now available on the AWS Marketplace. The "end-to-end" solution includes: network functions virtualization (NFV) technology; WAN optimization; network monitoring; management; and configuration, security, services/infrastructure choreography and network orchestration.

ADARA's move follows similar recent industry efforts to take SD-WAN to the cloud, as Cisco just extended its "ACI Anywhere" SDN offering to the AWS cloud, and Juniper Networks remade its SD-WAN solution into a cloud-delivered "as-a-service" offering.

ADARA identified network latency as the "universal problem" that can affect bottom-line performance, such as an enterprise losing millions of dollars in lost sales.

To address the latency problem, the company adds intent-based networking (IBN) into its SDN mix, a technology approach that research firm Gartner Inc. has called "the next big thing on the networking horizon."

"Intent-based networking is not a product, or a market," Gartner analyst Andrew Lerner said in post last year announcing new research for IBN. "Instead, it is a piece of networking software that helps to plan, design and implement/operate networks that can improve network availability and agility. Another way to describe it would be lifecycle management software for networking infrastructure."

To alleviate network latency with IBN, ADARA said it leverages artificial intelligence algorithms to measure network performance in real time and translate that measured performance into dynamically adjusted run-time configurations in order to meet customer-defined service level agreements.

In addition to offering its SD-WAN offeing on the AWS cloud, it can also target private clouds (on-premises with or without OpenStack software) and "personal clouds" that span Android devices, tablets, laptops and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The ADARA platform is composed of the company's IBN SD-WAN routers, SD-WAN Proxies and its Direct Connection Multi Cloud Management Platform, which has been transformed into a cloud version.

The ADARA Cloud SD-WAN Router and ADARA Cloud SD-WAN Proxy listings now available on the AWS Marketplace show pricing details.

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