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Amazon Committing Millions to Develop 'Olympus' LLM: Reports

Amazon is apparently harnessing its significant financial and research powers to develop a large language model (LLM) of its own.

Biotech Giants Tap AWS To Power AI-Assisted Diagnoses

With cancer rates increasing, two major biotech firms are leveraging the AWS cloud to bring their digital pathology solution to hospitals around the world.

Amid Shortage, AWS Renting Out Machine Learning GPUs

AWS is letting customers rent clusters of machine learning-capable GPUs from its cloud at a time when AI processing power is in low supply.

IBM, AWS Partner on AI Training for Big Blue Employees

To help their mutual customers, IBM and AWS have inked a plan to train 10,000 of the former's employees on the latter's generative AI technologies.

Strange Bedfellows: Amazon Reportedly Inks $1B Microsoft 365 Contract

Microsoft's most notable new cloud customer might be Amazon, according to a report.

AWS DevOps Advice Comprises Multiple 'Sagas'

For organizations looking for road-tested guidance on adopting DevOps, Amazon Web Services has published a series of "sagas" documenting best practices.

Starting 2024, Multifactor Will be an AWS Requirement, Not an Option

In a few months, root user accounts on Amazon Web Services will require multifactor authentication (MFA) to access.

AWS Virtual School Promises Cloud Dev Expertise in a Year

An all-virtual course offering from Amazon Web Services promises to turn inexperienced laypeople into certified cloud developers in just 12 months.

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AWS-VMware Partnership Extending to Edge AI Project

Longtime collaborators Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware are working on a project that would essentially rebuild the internet.

AWS Fights Off New Type of DDoS Attack

The cloud giant yesterday joined fellow industry players such as Google and Cloudflare in publicizing a recent onslaught of DDoS attacks that are not only increasing in frequency, but also size.

AWS Pulls Back the Curtain on 'MadPot,' Its Internal Security Intelligence Tech

For over a decade now, Amazon has been trawling the Internet for botnets -- and neutralizing them -- using a complex system of honeypots and analysis tools under the umbrella project "MadPot."

Amazon Bedrock Now Ready for Prime Time; QuickSight Gets More Intuitive

AWS solidifies its place in the generative AI horse race with a flurry of announcements.

AWS Inks $4 Billion Pact with Generative AI Company Anthropic

The deal will make Amazon a minority owner of the "Claude" AI chatbot maker.

AWS Requires Kindle Publishers to Reveal AI-Generated Content

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now asking self publishers on its Kindle platform to indicate whether their new content is generated by AI.

AWS Brings Generative AI to Medical Transcription Apps

Now in preview, HealthScribe will let software developers build HIPAA-compliant transcription applications for medical settings.

Generative AI Highlights AWS Summit New York City 2023

Highlighted Gen AI news ranged from new functionality for the Amazon Bedrock service to EC2 P5 instances powered by NVIDIA H100 GPUs to free courses.

AWS Invests $100 Million in New Generative AI Innovation Center

To help customers build and deploy generative AI solutions, AWS today launched the Generative AI Innovation Center, a new program that connects AWS AI and machine learning experts with customers around the world.

AWS Devs Can Access AI-Powered CodeWhisperer at No Cost

Amazon Web Services has issued its answer to Microsoft's $10 per user per month fee for using GitHub Copilot.

AWS Debuts 'Bedrock' Generative AI Tool

The modern AI arms race was jump-started by Microsoft and later escalated by Google with Bard. Now, AWS is getting in on the action.

AWS Throws Its Hat in Generative AI Ring with Hugging Face Deal

With generative AI products like ChatGPT dominating tech discourse, cloud leader AWS is throwing its own hat in the ring.

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