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AWS Makes It Easier To Onboard IoT Devices En Masse

Amazon Web Services has announced a new capability in its IoT Core service that lets users automate the process of onboarding large numbers of devices.

AWS Passes $10 Billion Mark

Amazon Web Services has reached a new revenue high, capping off a quarter in which the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has driven a surge in remote work and, consequently, in cloud services demand.

Cloud Study: Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud Dominate, Security a Top Worry

The vast majority of Flexera's survey respondents employ a multicloud strategy, with organizations using an average of 2.2 public clouds and 2.2 private clouds.

AWS Helps ML Devs Streamline Human Reviews with Amazon A2I

A new managed service called Amazon Augmented AI, or Amazon A2I, is now available from AWS to help developers improve the accuracy of their machine learning models with the help of human oversight.

Amazon AppFlow Automates Data Transfers from SaaS Apps to AWS

A new Amazon Web Services solution aims to give organizations an easier way to transfer data from their various software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications to the AWS cloud.

Google Launches Anthos App Platform with AWS Support

Google this week announced the general availability of Anthos for Amazon Web Services, part of Google's effort to embrace open standards and the ability to run unmodified applications on-premises or in the public cloud.

AWS Partners with Facebook on TorchServe Model Server

To help PyTorch users deploy their machine learning models quickly, Amazon Web Services has partnered with PyTorch developer Facebook to create the TorchServe open source model server.

Open Source Tool Tracks Breaches from Temporary AWS Tokens

An AWS feature that lets administrators issue temporary credentials is ripe for breaches, according to security firm CyberArk, which recently launched an open source tool to trace such attacks.

AWS Brings Storage, Management Perks to Snowball Edge Devices

Amazon Web Services this week described multiple enhancements to its Snowball line of data transfer devices, particularly the Snowball Edge.

DoD's Internal Investigation Finds No Major Fault in JEDI Process

The ongoing saga of the Pentagon's $10 billion JEDI cloud contract, awarded last fall to Microsoft and hotly contested since then by Amazon, has a new wrinkle.

AWS Launches Public Data Lake of COVID-19 Statistics

To facilitate research in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon Web Services has created a data lake of publicly accessible information related to the disease.

Samsung Taps AWS for Next-Gen First-Responder Communications

Samsung this week demonstrated video calling using its emerging LTE-based communications platform for emergency personnel and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

As Remote Work Booms, So Does Amazon WorkSpaces

With the population of work-from-home employees surging amid the coronavirus pandemic, spending on Amazon WorkSpaces -- the AWS desktop-as-a-service solution -- is hitting record highs.

AWS Launches Program To Shift Windows Workloads to Its Cloud

Amazon Web Services has launched an offshoot of its Migration Acceleration Program that's aimed specifically at helping organizations shift their Windows environments to the AWS cloud.

AWS Trails Azure in Cloud BI Survey

Despite its dominant market share, Amazon Web Services is only the second most-popular provider of cloud-based business intelligence services, behind No. 1 Microsoft Azure.

Machine Learning-Powered Amazon Detective Exits Preview

The Amazon Detective managed security service became generally available this week, after being in preview since December.

AWS Adds Hard Drive Disk Option to Amazon FSx for Windows

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced some improvements to its managed file storage service, Amazon FSx, particularly around Windows Server.

Conduent's Outbreak-Tracking Software Comes to AWS

Now available on the AWS cloud is a disease-surveillance and outbreak-tracking platform that could be instrumental for agencies trying to manage the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in populations.

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AWS Joins Cloud Giants To Tackle Coronavirus with Supercomputers

A government-backed research initiative is enlisting the help of cloud heavyweights such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft in the effort to curtail the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

To Improve Coronavirus Testing, AWS Launches $20 Million Research Initiative

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is reaching into its considerable coffers to help researchers develop better ways to test for the 2019 novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

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