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AWS Offers Some Clarity on Cloud Costs

The recently launched its AWS Price List API gives customers more transparency into how much their cloud use is costing them.

Analyst Says AWS Can Help Tame Hadoop Management Complexity

The notorious complexity involved with deploying enterprise Hadoop implementations can be daunting, says an analyst in a new research note, but cloud services such as Amazon Web Services are one way to address those issues.

Firms Offer Disaster Recovery Service to AWS Managed Service Providers

Orbitera Inc. and Unitrends are teaming up to offer Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) to companies that provide end-user solutions based on the Amazon Web Services cloud.

AWS Directory Service Adds Microsoft AD Support

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Inc. this week unveiled a set of new options to run Microsoft Active Directory (Microsoft AD) as a managed service in the EC2 cloud.

AWS Adds Dedicated Host Servers

Amazon Web Services now lets users of its Elastic Compute Cloud service rent dedicated physical servers, useful for saving money on software licensing and meeting compliance and regulatory requirements

Cloud Computing Analyst on Google Moves: 'Watch Out AWS!'

Forrester Research analyst Robert Stroud had some words of warning for public cloud computing market leader Amazon Web Services Inc. in the wake of Google's recent refocusing of its cloud operations.

Netflix Replacing Open Source Cloud Deployment Tool Built for AWS

Netflix announced its homegrown Continuous Delivery platform called Spinnaker is available on GitHub, aiming to replace the Asgard tool developed by Netflix to help with Amazon Web Services deployments when the streaming media company moved to the Amazon cloud six years ago.

Gemalto and NetApp Partner for AWS Storage Security

Digital security specialist Gemalto today announced it was teaming up with storage and data management company NetApp to blend their respective products into an integrated storage security solution for Amazon Web Services customers.

Extenua Puts Security and Mobility Software on AWS

Enterprise security software maker Extenua announced its security and mobility software is now available on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

Avnet Adds AWS Solutions to Cloud Marketplace

Avnet announced it's now offering solution powered by Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) through its one-stop cloud solutions shop.

AWS Among Leaders in Research Firm's Ranking of Operational Databases

Amazon Web Services was among the leaders in research firm Gartner Inc.'s recent ranking of operational DBMS vendors.

Oracle Tackles AWS with New Cloud Offerings

The industry is buzzing about Oracle Corp.'s multi-pronged assault on Amazon Web Services' position as the clear-cut cloud computing leader.

Unable To Beat Public AWS Cloud, HP Gives Up and Joins It

Hewlett-Packard has given up on its plan to join the pantheon of leading public cloud providers, instead focusing on private and managed cloud offerings and adding support for the Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure clouds.

New Relic Supports EC2 on AWS, Joins Partner Program

A set of New Relic monitoring features has been added to the company's Software Analytics Cloud, specifically designed for the Elastic Compute Cloud on AWS.

AWS Revenue Balloons by 80 Percent in Q3

Amazon Web Services' blockbuster growth continues apace.

Accenture-AWS Partnership Aimed at Cloud Migration

IT consultancy Accenture is teaming up with Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) to help enterprises migrate their business operations to the cloud.

Open Source Walmart Tool Threatens AWS Cloud Lock-In

Walmart is offering a cloud development tool that seeks to eliminate provider lock-in from major cloud players such as Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

AWS Adds Cloud Back-End for Mobile Apps

Among the many announcements at last week's re:Invent conference by Amazon Web Services was a preview of its new mobile hub for building, testing, and monitoring mobile apps that use services from the Amazon cloud.

SAP Challenges AWS in Cloud Analytics

It didn't take long for competitors to respond to the new cloud-based analytics service -- Amazon QuickSight, announced by Amazon Web Services last week -- as SAP today unveiled its own similar offering.

AWS Doesn't Let Up on Data Push at re:Invent

At the Day 2 keynote of the 2015 AWS re:Invent conference, the spotlight was on the Internet of Things (IoT).

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