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Splice Machine Courts Early Adopters to Test New Cloud RDBMS Service

Splice Machine today announced an early adopter program to test its upcoming Database-as-a-Service offering on the AWS cloud.

Analysts: Cloud Infrastructure Market Still Amazon's To Lose

Despite showing slower-than-typical growth in its most recent financial quarter, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is still the runaway leader of the public cloud market, according to a pair of recent studies.

AWS Earns $3.5 Billion in Q4, Hints at Slowing Growth

By Amazon Web Services' standards, Thursday's fourth quarter earnings report marked a rare financial stumble, despite raking in record-high revenues.

Amazon WorkSpaces Moves to SSDs, Adds Cost Optimizer

All new virtual desktops powered by Amazon WorkSpaces will use solid state drives for better performance, and a new cost optimizer is being introduced to apply the best billing option depending on usage patterns.

Arcserve Taps AWS Cloud for Disaster Recovery Site

Arcserve today announced a new version of its flagship Unified Data Protection solution, which adds the capability to use the Amazon Web Services cloud for disaster recovery.

Report: Oracle Doubles Cost To License Its Software for AWS

The next front in Oracle's ongoing battle against Amazon Web Services (AWS) appears to be over licensing.

Survey Reveals What Makes Cloud Deployments Successful

Enterprises thinking of moving operations to cloud leader Amazon Web Services or any other cloud provider might be interested in a new study that investigates what makes such moves successful.

AWS Unveils Cloud Directory for Hierarchical Data

Hierarchically organized data examples include device registries, course catalogs, network configurations, file systems, project task lists, language taxonomy, user directories and many more.

Commvault Simplifies Use of Data Platform on AWS Cloud

New Commvault reference architectures boost the functionality of its namesake data platform -- providing backup, archive and recovery services -- on the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Looker Supports Amazon Athena for Data Lake Analytics

Looker Data Sciences has developed a connector that lets users of its data platform work with the Amazon Athena managed service from Amazon Web Services.

AWS Intros IoT Button for the Enterprise

Amazon Web Services has officially introduced the IoT Button Enterprise Program, now in a limited preview.

AWS Climbs in Application Usage Ranking

Amazon Web Services climbed up a notch in the latest business application and service usage report published by Okta.

NuoDB 'Elastic SQL Database' Boosts AWS Functionality

NuoDB 2.6, announced today, adds Amazon Web Services functionality for developers creating scalable, on-demand cloud applications.

AWS Program to Train, Place UK Workers

Just about a month after Amazon Web Services unveiled its new London-based Europe region, the company today announced a training and job placement program for AWS-centric cloud-based computing and development in the U.K. and Ireland.

AWS Earns 'C' Grade in Green Computing Report

A report released Tuesday by environmental watchdog group Greenpeace puts Amazon Web Services on the hot seat for not being more forthcoming about its cloud infrastructure's energy footprint.

AWS Enhances Price List Notifications

Having announced programmatic access to price lists for various products and services a year ago, Amazon Web Services has since expanded the scope of the service and is now providing daily aggregated price list notifications.

AWS Batch Processing Goes Online

AWS Batch enables developers, scientists and engineers to easily and efficiently run hundreds of thousands of batch computing jobs on the Amazon Web Services cloud.

AWS Touts Sharp Spike in Database Migrations

Despite being generally available for less than a year, AWS' Database Migration Service is proving to be a key growth area for the cloud giant.

Survey Contrasts User Types for AWS, Google and Azure Clouds

A brand-new survey from ratings and reviews firm Clutch investigates the different types of users for the top three cloud providers, finding larger enterprises prefer Microsoft Azure while smaller businesses favor Google Cloud Platform.

AWS Fights DDoS Attacks

In the wake of large attacks coming from new sources such as the Mirai botnet, AWS outlined a three-pronged approach leveraging its automatic scaling capabilities, fault tolerance protections and automatic attack mitigation mechanisms.

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