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AWS To Legally Protest $10B Defense Contract Awarded to Microsoft, Citing 'Bias'

Amazon said it would legally protest a $10 billion Pentagon contract that was awarded to Microsoft despite Amazon Web Services being the dominant cloud computing platform, citing "unmistakable bias" influencing the decision.

AWS Debuts Launch Wizard for SQL Server

Amazon Web Services this week announced AWS Launch Wizard for SQL Server, designed to simplify the process of sizing, configuring and deploying highly available Microsoft SQL Server solutions.

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New AWS Data Exchange Offers Third-Party Data Set Subscription Service

Amazon Web Services this week announced AWS Data Exchange, providing subscriptions to third-party data in the cloud from a variety of data providers, which can be used in numerous analytics, machine learning and other services.

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AWS Intros New Pricing Model Called Savings Plans in Exchange for Usage Commitment

Amazon Web Services announced Savings Plans, a new pricing model that the company says can provide discounts on AWS ECS (compute) and AWS Fargate, a compute engine for Amazon ECS for running containers.

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Microsoft Tool Manages Mixed AWS, Google Cloud and Azure Workloads

Azure Arc was announced by Microsoft to simplify complex and distributed enterprise cloud environments, such as hybrid cloud implementations that can span on-premises, edge and multiple clouds, including Amazon Web Services.

Just 3 Days Before $10B Pentagon Snub, AWS Touted Federal Use of its Cloud

Amazon Web Services, just days before being snubbed by the U.S. Department of Defense in a $10 billion contract awarded to Microsoft despite AWS' clear cloud dominance, touted the use of its platform by the feds.

AWS Joins Java Community Process

Amazon Web Services has added to its open source initiatives and support for Java developers using its platform by joining the Java Community Process, "the mechanism for developing standard technical specifications for Java technology."

Industry Awaits Amazon Response to Being Stiffed in $10B Pentagon Contract Awarded to Microsoft

The cloud wars took a new twist -- one steeped in political ramifications-- as Microsoft's Azure was chosen over the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform for a huge Pentagon contract.

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Amazon Relational Database Service on VMware Debuts

Amazon Web Services announced the general availability of Amazon Relational Database Service on VMware, delivering AWS-managed relational databases in on-premises VMware environments.

Hacked Firm Blames Stolen API Key for Recent AWS Data Breach

Another AWS data breach was in the news lately, but unlike a spate of others that were blamed on unsecured data stores, this one has been attributed to a stolen API key.

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AWS Kubernetes Service Now Supports Windows Containers

The Kubernetes service offered by Amazon Web Services, called Amazon EKS, now supports container development on Windows servers.

AWS IQ: Help Wanted for Project Work

The Amazon Web Services cloud unveiled a new service called AWS IQ to help its users sign up certified experts for on-demand project work.

Cloud Cost Reduction Firm Compares AWS, Google Cloud Pricing

ParkMyCloud, a company specializing in cloud cost reduction services for its customers, published a post that compares pricing for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offerings.

Amazon Redshift Workload Management Powered by Machine Learning

AWS claims its cloud data warehouse, Amazon Redshift, powers mission-critical analytical workloads "for Fortune 500 companies, startups, and everything in between." Now machine learning is powering the automatic management of those workloads.

Firm Launches Portal to Petabytes of Public Data on AWS Cloud

Quilt Data, which promises to help users "manage data like code" with a versioned data portal for AWS, launched a new portal that it says unlocks petabytes of public data for discovery and sharing.

AWS Unveils Next-Gen GPU-Powered Compute Instances

Targeting use cases like graphics-intensive applications and the deployment of machine learning models in production, Amazon Web Services announced its next generation of GPU-powered compute instances.

Dremio Speeds Data Lake Queries on AWS Cloud

Data lake specialist Dremio announced a new offering that speeds queries on cloud-hosted platforms, including Microsoft Azure and AWS.

New Ledger Database on AWS Cloud Provides Verifiable History of Data Changes

The AWS cloud announced Amazon Quantum Ledger Database, which uses blockchain-like technology to provide a verifiable history of changes made to data in applications owned by AWS users.

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AWS Cloud Gets New Software Defined Perimeter Offering

Israeli security specialist Safe-T has unveiled a Software Defined Perimeter offering for the Amazon Web Services cloud, said to provide remote users with secure access to cloud services without the need of a virtual private network.

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Amazon QuickSight BI Service Gets Anomaly Detection, More

New functionality provides alerts to warn when an anomaly occurs in business metrics, listing the contributing factors.

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