AppStream 2.0 Gets AD Integration, Persistent Storage

Amazon Web Services' application streaming service recently got several new improvements, including integration with Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and added user management features.

AppStream 2.0, which AWS first unveiled at its 2016 re:Invent conference, lets its users stream their apps from the AWS cloud directly to their customers' desktop browsers.

AWS updated the service in July to add support for streaming more graphics-heavy applications.

Late last month, the company put the spotlight on a few other recent feature additions, including integration with AD domains. This feature brings single sign-on capabilities to apps, as well as lets developers carry over their AD policies to their AppStream 2.0 instances.

Another new feature, called "persistent storage," gives customers the ability to download or upload files during an AppStream 2.0 session to a home folder stored on the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). They can then access those files in between sessions, or during another session.

On the security front, AWS now allows AppStream 2.0 users to create security groups inside virtual public clouds (VPCs), giving them more control over the traffic between their VPCs and their streaming instances. "Security groups provide granular, network-level access controls to streaming instances, and you can use them to manage users' access to databases, license servers, file shares, or application servers from the streamed applications they use," AWS said in its announcement.

Other recent updates include:

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