2016 Wrap-Up: Top AWS News of the Year

From feature debuts to cloud price wars to challenges from Microsoft and Oracle, here are the most-read AWS news articles of 2016.

10. Start-Up Emerges To Simplify AWS Adoption (July 14)
From a chance meeting between two high-tech veterans in a Dublin bar, a small Ireland-based startup has emerged with the promise of simplifying the process of moving enterprises to the AWS cloud. [Read here]

9. AWS To Simplify Application Migration to Cloud (April 20)
Coming soon from AWS is a new service designed to simplify the process of planning the migration of enterprise applications to its cloud. [Read here]

8. New Python Framework Expands AWS Serverless Offerings (July 13)
"Serverless is a hot topic in the software architecture world," reads a post today on That's no news to AWS, which jumped on the serverless bandwagon early on. [Read here]

7. Analyst Sees 2016 'Street Battle' Between AWS and Microsoft Azure Clouds (Jan. 5)
Long the leader in the public cloud space and under siege from upstart challengers such as Microsoft and Google, AWS will see even more increased competition in the new year, with Microsoft's Azure cloud the primary protagonist, according to a recent financial analyst research note. [Read here]

6. Study Sees Azure Increasing Lead over AWS in IaaS (March 15)
Spiceworks Inc., which fosters a network of IT pros and associated tools, has published cloud computing research indicating the Microsoft Azure cloud is likely going to increase its lead in IaaS usage over AWS. [Read here]

5. Microsoft Exec: Azure and AWS No Longer Competing on Price (Sept. 14)
The period of intense price-based competition between Microsoft Azure and AWS is effectively over, according to Microsoft's top cloud executive. [Read here]

4. Microsoft Talks Up Its Cloud Footprint vs. Amazon's (Sept. 27)
Microsoft this week underscored the global reach of its Azure public cloud, particularly in comparison to AWS. [Read here]

3. AWS Expands Cloud Footprint in Asia (Jan. 7)
AWS this week launched a new datacenter region in Seoul, South Korea, further solidifying its foothold in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) area. [Read here]

2. Google Slams AWS Price Cuts (Jan. 11)
Google was unimpressed with the recent price cuts announced by AWS, claiming its competing Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is still the "price/performance leader" among public cloud computing providers. [Read here]

1. Oracle's AWS-Killer Sees Daylight (Oct. 24)
Oracle's new Bare Metal Cloud Services, part of its next-generation IaaS portfolio and a targeted challenge to AWS, is now generally available. [Read here]


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