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Semiconductor Maker NXP Taps AWS To Speed Up Chip Design

To improve efficiency, Netherlands-based chip maker NXP is partnering with Amazon Web Services in an effort to offload most of its design and testing workloads onto the cloud.

Overall Cloud Revenues Jumped 25 Percent in First Half of 2021

Cloud vendors collectively raked in $235 billion in revenues over the first six months of the year, with the biggest gains coming from cloud infrastructure services -- the domain AWS, Microsoft and Google.

VMware Cloud on AWS Improvements Announced at VMworld

VMware kicked off its two-day virtual VMworld 2021 conference on Tuesday, announcing several updates to VMware's long-running strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services.

Clumio Debuts Air-Gapped Backup and Recovery Solution for Amazon S3

Data protection company Clumio this week unveiled a new backup-as-a-service tool for Amazon S3 customers.

Cloudflare Launches Storage Alternative to 'Exorbitant' AWS S3

A new object storage service from Cloudflare is taking aim at Amazon S3's data transfer costs.

AWS Brings Natural Language Querying to BI with QuickSight Q

Amazon Web Services' business intelligence (BI) platform Amazon QuickSight can now process user queries written in normal, everyday language.

Canadian Hoster FullHost Expands into AWS Managed Services

Cloud hoster FullHost is now letting its customers run Web applications out of an Amazon Web Services region in Canada, in addition to FullHost's proprietary datacenters.

Report: Cloud Security Mistakes Thrive in Knowledge Gaps

Misconfigured cloud security settings are endemic among Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers -- and in the cloud in general, according to a recent report.

E-Discovery Firm Everlaw Moves Its Platform to AWS GovCloud

Amazon Web Services has a new customer of its GovCloud region for public sector agencies.

NEC Taps AWS for Its 5G Buildout

Japan-based IT conglomerate NEC is expanding its existing partnership with Amazon Web Services to include its ongoing 5G network efforts.

AWS Goes Live with Amazon EKS Anywhere

First announced at last December's re:Invent conference, the new Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) Anywhere solution is now generally available.

AWS Brings 'Intelligent' Storage to Elastic File System

Amazon Web Services has added its "Intelligent-Tiering" feature to the Elastic File System service, letting users take better advantage of lower-priced storage classes in EFS.

Amazon Pledges Resources as Part of Biden's Cybersecurity Push

Amazon is one of several tech giants that emerged from a meeting with the Biden administration this week with promises to ramp up their efforts against cybersecurity attacks.

AWS Adds Compliance Controls to Backup Service

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has introduced a new feature to its managed backup service that helps organizations manage the compliance of their backups.

Survey: Of the Top Cloud Platforms, AWS the Clear Developer Favorite

Amazon Web Services emerged as the top cloud platform in a recent Stack Overflow developer survey of over 80,000 developers around the world.

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AWS Goes Live with Amazon MemoryDB for Redis

Amazon Web Services this week launched a new in-memory database service for the popular open source Redis platform.

GE Healthcare Collaborates with AWS To Deliver AI and Cloud-Based Imaging Apps

GE Healthcare announced a collaboration with AWS to deliver AI and cloud-based imaging solutions, integrated data and clinical and operational "insights" to hospitals and health care providers.

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AWS IoT SiteWise Edge Goes GA

The IoT SiteWise Edge feature of the AWS IoT SiteWise managed service, which was unveiled in preview last December, is now generally available.

AWS Retiring Flagship EC2-Classic

AWS is retiring its flagship cloud computing infrastructure services, Elastic Compute Cloud, known as EC2-Classic, the company disclosed this week.

AWS Releases Tool To Monitor and Maintain High-Availability Apps

AWS this week launched the Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller, a new tool for customers whose applications need to meet availability requirements higher than "four nines."

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