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AWS Closes Gaps Between Aurora and Other Services

Amazon Web Services has added new features to its Aurora relational database engine aimed at improving its integration with other AWS services.

Amazon EC2 Adds Windows Server 2016 Support

The latest version of Microsoft's server operating system can now be deployed on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

AWS Expands Education Program with Classes, Job Board

Amazon gave its 1-year-old AWS Educate program a significant boost this week in a bid to better prepare students for cloud-centric careers.

AWS and Microsoft Clash over Cloud Size, Public Sector

This week's IACP Conference in San Diego, Calif., gave cloud giants Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure another market to scrap over: the public sector.

Atlassian Backs AWS for Its Data Center Editions

The Data Center editions of two of software firm Atlassian's core products, JIRA Software and BitBucket, now feature native support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) deployments.

Engineers Publish Open Guide to AWS on GitHub

Another resource has emerged on GitHub to help engineers sort out the complex ecosystem of products and services that constitutes the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Analysis: AWS-VMware Partnership a 'Win-Win'

The newly minted hybrid cloud partnership between VMware Inc. and Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) promises to be a boon for the two companies' mutual customers.

AWS Joins Hybrid Cloud Fray in VMware Partnership

Virtualization giant VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are partnering on a hybrid cloud service dubbed "VMware Cloud on AWS."

AWS Adds Another SAP-Optimized EC2 Instance

Amazon Web Services has introduced another X1 instance size to its family of SAP HANA-optimized Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances.

AWS, Microsoft Embrace IPv6 for Their Clouds

To meet the requirements of modern software -- and because of the increasingly limited availability of IPv4 addresses -- Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) and Microsoft have each brought native IPv6 connectivity to their respective cloud services.

Cloud Leaders Diverge on AI Approach

Many signs are pointing to artificial intelligence (AI) as the next battleground for the top three cloud providers.

AWS, AT&T Work on Joint IoT and Networking Solutions

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) has signed a deal with telecom giant AT&T to develop integrated Internet of Things (IoT) and networking solutions for businesses.

AWS Launches GPU Instances for AI, Big Data Workloads

In a bid to support the most compute-intensive workloads today, Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) has launched a new family of Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance types called P2.

AWS Expanding EU Footprint with Paris Region

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) has set its sights on France as it plans to expand its global cloud infrastructure.

Amazon Linux Machine Image Gets Update

Amazon Web Services updated its Amazon Linux AMI, with support for Python 3.5, Nginx 1.10, PostgreSQL 9.5, PHP 7.0 and more.

AWS Launches Largest M4 Instance Yet

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) this week expanded its family of M4 instance types with the m4.16xlarge.

Firm Says Configuration Management Key to Cloud Migrations

According to Logicworks, configuration management is key to understanding what a "good" AWS implementation is, which removes the main obstacle to cloud migrations.

Microsoft Talks Up Its Cloud Footprint vs. Amazon's

Microsoft this week underscored the global reach of its Azure public cloud, particularly in comparison to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS Simplifies API Gateway for Cloud Developers

The API gateway used by developers working with the Amazon Web Services cloud has been updated with new features to simplify API-based development.

Open Source Greenplum Database Now on AWS Marketplace

zData has a new AWS Marketplace offering based on the Greenplum Database, a massively parallel data warehouse that was open sourced by Pivotal Software.

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