AWS Activate Credits Can Now Be Used for Bedrock Access

Amazon Web Services is expanding its Activate program for startups to include more AI perks, the cloud giant said in a blog post this week.

Companies that receive AWS credits via Activate can now use those credits to access the full roster of foundation models (FMs) in the Amazon Bedrock platform.

"Our goal is to make it easier for startups to evaluate what FMs are more appropriate for their use cases and find the perfect match," wrote Howard Wright, head of AWS Startups. He added, "Expanding AWS Activate credits to Amazon Bedrock is a key way to help startups leverage generative AI in their solutions from the start."

Activate is a program that lets startups apply to receive benefits from AWS and its affiliated partners, which include venture capital firms, angel investors and accelerator programs. Those benefits include free AWS credits worth as much as $100,000 in total that startups can use to offset their AWS bills. They can cover support costs, as well as the cost of running various AWS services, including compute, storage, developer tools, databases and more.

Now, those services include Amazon Bedrock, a serverless platform that gives developers access to foundation models via an API so they can build generative AI-enabled applications with relatively little overhead. Bedrock's library of FMs includes those from AI21, Stability AI, Cohere, Meta, Anthropic, Mistral and Amazon itself.

Besides Bedrock, AWS also provides users with a prodigious catalog of AI and machine learning services, all running on infrastructure that AWS has taken pains to outfit with increasingly powerful hardware from partners like Nvidia, as well as its own processors like Trainium and Inferentia.

Companies interested in enrolling in AWS Activate can find more information here.

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