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    A Better Way To Upgrade Hyper-V Storage

    It's time again for Brien to perform a major storage upgrade on his Hyper-V hosts. But this time, he's taking a new approach. 06/17/2019

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    RAMBleed Side-Channel Attack Method Disclosed by Researchers

    Academic researchers this week published information about another side-channel attack method, called "RAMBleed," that can expose information from memory chips, including encryption key information. 06/14/2019

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    Windows 10 Preview Build 18917 Shows Off New Linux Integration

    Microsoft's latest Windows 10 "fast-ring" preview release is showcasing a coming Delivery Optimization enhancement, along with the ability to try the newly emerged Windows Subsystem for Linux version 2. 06/13/2019

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    Customizing Microsoft Office 365

    While the overall look and feel of Office 365 is pretty standard across organizations, there are several ways to personalize it and make it fit better with your company's specific needs. 06/13/2019

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    Microsoft 365 Business Tenants Getting Conditional Access and Trouble-Ticket Features

    Microsoft added its conditional access security service to Microsoft 365 Business subscriptions, according to a Wednesday announcement, and it also added new trouble-ticket features for Microsoft 365 administrators. 06/12/2019

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    Creating Policy Configurations for Office 365 Users

    For decades, group policies have been the go-to method for securing devices on a Windows network. In this age of BYOD, however, that may not be enough. 06/11/2019

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    Microsoft Announces Wave 2 Plans for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

    Microsoft used the occasion of its Business Applications Summit on Monday to announce its "Wave 2" product release plans for its Dynamics 365 enterprise resource planning solutions, as well as its Power Platform (Power BI, PowerApps and Flow). 06/10/2019

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    Microsoft Outlines How To Set Up Windows Virtual Desktop

    Microsoft experts recently showed how to set up the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) service, which is currently available at the preview stage. 06/07/2019

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    How To Monitor Servers with PowerShell

    Brien walks you through the basics of building a PowerShell script that examines remote servers one at a time. 06/07/2019

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    Office Configurations Can Now Be Saved to Microsoft's Cloud

    Microsoft recently added an improvement to its Office Customization Tool for Office 365 users that lets IT pros save configuration files in Microsoft's datacenters (the "cloud") for later use, including access via URL links. 06/06/2019

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    Microsoft and Oracle Expand Offerings with New 'Cross-Cloud' Support

    Microsoft and Oracle on Wednesday together announced an expansion of their partnership, with new "cross-cloud" capabilities for larger organizations to tap. 06/05/2019

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    How To Make Hyper-V Virtual Machines Portable

    There are plenty of reasons to make Hyper-V VMs portable. The key is to make sure they work consistently, regardless of where each VM is running. Here's how to do it. 06/05/2019

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    Office 365 Version 1905 Released, Plus New Tools for IT Pros

    Microsoft described some newly released Office 365 perks in recent days. 06/03/2019

  • IDC: Windows 7 Support Deadline Means an 'Interesting Year' for PC Sales

    The pending end-of-support deadline for Windows 7 is a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy forecast for 2019, contributing to what IDC is calling an "interesting year" for PC sales. 06/03/2019

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    Creating a Linux VM in Hyper-V the Easy Way

    Hyper-V in Windows 10 has a built-in tool called Quick Create that lets you automate the process of setting up new virtual machines. Here's how to use it. 06/03/2019

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    Microsoft Urges Patching Windows RDS Vulnerability Yet Again

    Microsoft again issued advice that its May security patches should be installed to prevent a "wormable" vulnerability in Remote Desktop Services from getting exploited by attackers. 05/31/2019

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