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Machine Learning Courses Used to Train AWS Engineers Now Free for All

Amazon Web Services announced all developers will get free access to homegrown machine learning courses used to train its engineers in advanced artificial intelligence techniques.

AWS Adds Controls To Block Public Access to S3

To curb the rash of data leaks caused by mismanaged Amazon S3 buckets, AWS this week introduced a new feature that lets administrators block public access to their data.

AWS Previews OpenJDK Service for Java Development

Amazon Web Services launched a preview service based on its own build of the Open Java Development Kit (OpenJDK), promising Java developers long-term support, bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Cisco Partners with AWS for Hybrid Kubernetes Service

Networking giant Cisco is teaming up with Amazon Web Services for a new hybrid solution for managing containers with the open source Kubernetes orchestration platform.

AWS Continues AI Push in Cloud Services

The Amazon cloud was quick to leverage machine learning, deep learning and other artificial intelligence technologies to improve its cloud services and has continued its AI push, with a new telecommunication service as the latest example.

What's New in AWS Quick Starts

Want to get started in a new cloud service, technique or technology but don't have a lot of time? Quick Starts can help, and we've provided a look at newly available offerings.

Cloud Market Q3 Snapshot: Azure Is Fastest, But AWS Is Biggest

There's very little room for movement in the cloud market leader board, according to the latest assessment by market researcher Synergy.

How Will AWS Answer IBM/Red Hat Hybrid Challenge?

If AWS has a vulnerability in the cloud wars, it's in the hybrid space, where Microsoft and Google have challenged it before. Here's how it will meet the latest challenge stemming from the IBM/Red Hat acquisition.

IBM Says Red Hat Acquisition 'Completely Changing the Cloud Landscape'

Articles about leading cloud computing providers usually contrast AWS as the dominant frontrunner in the space, perennially chased by top competitors Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. IBM says its newly announced acquisition of Red Hat is changing all that.

Amazon Relational Database Service Gets Multiple Updates

Amazon RDS on the AWS cloud recently received multiple updates, gaining support for newer versions of MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and more.

AWS Booms in Q3 Even as Amazon Falls Short

Amazon Web Services continues to be the cloud market's runaway leader, earning $6.7 billion for the fiscal third quarter ended Sept. 30, in line with analyst estimates.

AWS Partner Launches VMware Cloud on AWS Accelerator

2nd Watch has launched a new program that guides customers through the process of deploying the VMware Cloud on AWS solution in their environments.

Oracle's Larry Ellison Faults AWS Security in OpenWorld Keynote

Oracle exec Larry Ellison faulted the security of the Amazon Web Services cloud in his opening keynote address at the company's OpenWorld conference in San Francisco.

AWS Boosts Graphics, Desktop Horsepower with 'Pro' Services

Amazon Web Services is courting high-end power users with new "Pro" services for cloud-based virtual graphics workstations and desktops.

Security Group Finds Multiple Flaws in AWS FreeRTOS

Researchers are warning of several TCP/IP vulnerabilities within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) version of the FreeRTOS operating system for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

AWS Lets Users Spin Up Databases via Lightsail

Amazon Web Services this week honored a "top customer request" by allowing users to quickly spin up managed databases with its Amazon Lightsail product.

On-Demand Cloud Connectivity Solution Works with AWS

CenturyLink, a communications provider to enterprises, announced a new on-demand connectivity solution, noting it works with cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services.

Cloudflare Challenges AWS with Alliance to Cut Data-Transfer Fees Among Providers

Cloudflare has formed a "Bandwidth Alliance" to cut data-transfer fees among mutual customers with several cloud services providers, including Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud, challenging Amazon Web Services, the major player in the space.

Report: AWS Raking in $1B in New Cloud Deals

Amazon Web Services' lead in the cloud market is set to become even more pronounced as it reportedly inks major contracts with SAP and Symantec that are worth a combined $1 billion.

AWS MSP Mission Debuts After Partner Mergers

A new managed cloud services provider formed from the merger of three Amazon Web Services partners has emerged this week under the brand "Mission."