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AWS Taps Machine Learning for New Forecast Service

Amazon Web Services announced the general availability of Amazon Forecast, which uses machine learning to fine-tune its business outcome prognostication capabilities.

CenturyLink Unveils VMware Cloud on AWS Fully Managed Service

This week's VMworld conference may have just started, but CenturyLink issued some pre-emptive VMware news of its own last week with the announcement that it will offer a fully managed private cloud VMware service on the Amazon Web Services platform.

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Quick Start Published for 'Most Popular' Amazon Redshift Data Warehouse

Amazon Web Services published a new Quick Start for Amazon Redshift, which the cloud giant describes as "the most popular and fastest growing cloud data warehouse."

After Capital One Data Hack, AWS Will Scan for Misconfigurations

After the recent hack of Capital One data stored on Amazon Web Services infrastructure enabled by a user-misconfigured firewall, the cloud giant said it will proactively scan for such issues.

Firm Does SQL Analytics on Amazon DynamoDB NoSQL Database Service

California firm Rockset announced its serverless search and analytics engine now does real-time SQL analytics on the NoSQL Amazon DynamoDB database service.

AWS Amplify Serverless Backend Adds CLI Mocking and Testing

A new mocking capability speeds up the iterative development process by locally emulating a simplified cloud service API for quicker testing.

Capital One Data Hack Leads to AWS Lawsuit

The recent hack of Capital One data hosted on Amazon Web Services infrastructure has led to multiple lawsuits, with AWS the target of at least one.

AWS Revamps Slow-Loading PowerShell Tools

Slow load times for the growing number of Windows PowerShell scripts ("cmdlets") available on the Amazon Web Services cloud platform has resulted in a revamp, currently in preview.

AWS Enhances, Expands Reach of IoT Device Defender

Amazon Web Services has beefed up the functionality and expanded the reach of its AWS IoT Device Defender security service for the Internet of Things space.

Cloud Development Kit Guide Published for AWS Infrastructure-as-Code

A guide for working with the Cloud Development Kit for infrastructure-as-code projects on the Amazon Web Services platform has been published on GitHub by a former AWS engineer.

AWS Lake Formation Simplifies, Automates Data Lakes for Analytics

Amazon Web Services has made AWS Lake Formation generally available, helping organizations simplify and automate the creation and management of data lakes.

AWS Outlines CloudFormation Coverage Progress in New Roadmap

To help cloud customers with planning, Amazon Web Services published a new coverage roadmap for its CloudFormation service, which simplifies the process of describing and provisioning all of the infrastructure resources in a cloud environment.

End User AWS Competency Partner Program Unveiled

Amazon Web Services announced a new partner competency program to identify firms that can help customers manage cloud services and resources.

Research Shows Cloud Certifications Pay Off, with AWS Leading the Pack

"The big money is in cloud computing certifications, with AWS and Google Cloud delivering high salaries across all regions," says new research from Global Knowledge, which just published a new examination of IT compensation and in-demand certifications.

AWS Boosts Machine Learning in Amplify Mobile Back-End

AWS Amplify, used as a back-end development framework for mobile and Web apps, is getting improved machine learning functionality.

PartiQL: Introducing Amazon's New Query Language for 'All' Data

AWS has announced PartiQL, a new query language that the company says is designed to work with all data types, structures and storage situations.

AWS Revenue Falls Short of Estimates in Fiscal Q2

Amazon Web Services fell shy of Wall Street estimates in its fiscal second quarter, reporting $8.38 billion in revenue compared to analyst projections of $8.49 billion.

AWS Offers Chatbot for DevOps

Amazon Web Services has entered the world of ChatOps with its first chatbot targeting the DevOps space, a beta offering appropriately called AWS Chatbot.

Adobe Integrates Prototype/Design Tool with Amazon Alexa

Adobe announced integration with Amazon Alexa and its Adobe XD tool for prototyping and designing in a new initiative that includes the company's first-ever Alexa skill.

AWS Dominates Cloud Infrastructure Report for 9th Year

This year's report on Cloud Infrastructure as a Service from research firm Gartner Inc. is a lot like last year's report, further cementing the dominance of the "big three" in all things cloud computing, led by Amazon.