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AWS Connects Machine Learning Scientists with Customers

Amazon Web Services customers looking to undertake a machine learning project for the first time can now tap AWS' in-house machine learning experts to help them through the process.

Uber Discloses Year-Old AWS Data Breach, Exposing Millions of Users

On Tuesday, ride-sharing app Uber disclosed that its Amazon Web Services account was hacked last year, compromising the personal information of 57 million users worldwide, including 600,000 U.S. drivers.

AWS Now Lets Snowball Migrate Databases En Masse

Amazon Web Services just made it easier for organizations to move large volumes of database workloads to the cloud.

AWS Launches 'Secret' Cloud Region for Government Spooks

Amazon Web Services has unveiled a new cloud region to support highly classified workloads from the CIA, NSA, FBI and other U.S. government intelligence agencies.

Report: AWS Customers Overpay by $6.4 Billion Each Year

Cloud computing users collectively rack up $10 billion per year in unnecessary costs, with the Amazon Web Services platform being the biggest money drain.

U.S. Feds Expose Internet Surveillance Data on Amazon S3

Reports of two separate Amazon S3 data leaks emerged late this week, including the exposure of a massive archive of social media posts scraped from the Internet by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

AWS Lets Users Add Extra Storage to Lightsail

Amazon Lightsail block storage is now generally available, allowing users of Amazon Web Services' virtual private server solution to bolt on additional storage as needed.

AWS Adds 5 More Sizes to X1e Instance Family

Amazon Web Services is giving its largest Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance five smaller siblings.

Most Cloud Migrations Miss the Mark on Budgets, Scheduling

Over half of cloud migration projects finish behind schedule and over budget, according to a newly published report by Velostrata.

AWS Sells Part of Its China Infrastructure to Partner

To comply with China's increasingly stringent data security laws, Amazon Web Services this week confirmed its intent to sell portions of its cloud infrastructure in that country to regional partner Beijing Sinnet Technology.

AWS Launches PrivateLink To Wall Off VPC Traffic

A new Amazon Web Services offering ensures that its Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) users can connect safely to other AWS services without going through the public Internet.

Kroger Joins Retail Giants in Snubbing AWS

As's e-commerce business continues to expand, its massive Amazon Web Services cloud business is feeling the brunt of its rivalry with other retail giants.

AWS Adds More Flexibility to Convertible Reserved Instances

Amazon Web Services this week announced more options for its Convertible Reserved Instances, which it launched last year as a flexible, cost-saving alternative to its regular Reserved Instances.

Backed by New Hypervisor, AWS Launches C5 Compute-Intensive Instances

After at least a year in development, the new C5 instance family for compute-heavy workloads is now generally available from Amazon Web Services.

Druva To Extend Its Data Management Platform to AWS with 'Apollo'

Druva, a provider of data management and protection solutions for the cloud, this week said it is adding support for Amazon Web Services to its flagship cloud platform.

AWS Buckles Down on S3 Security with Encryption, Access Improvements

A critical spotlight has been trained on the Amazon S3 storage service in recent months over a rash of high-profile data exposures caused by misconfigured security and accessibility settings.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry Comes to AWS Quick Start

Amazon Web Services this month added the Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) platform to its library of Quick Start deployment solutions.

AWS Slashes Pricing for AppStream 2.0 Educational Users

Educational institutions can now run Amazon Web Services' desktop application streaming solution at a steeply discounted rate.

AWS Shield Gets More Comprehensive DDoS Monitoring

Amazon Web Services is giving users of its Shield security product more visibility into distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks across its platform.

Microsoft and Google Surge in Cloud, But They Still Can't Catch AWS

Despite its rivals clocking huge growth rates in their latest quarterly reports, Amazon Web Services still maintains a formidable lead in the overall cloud infrastructure services market.

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