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AWS Program to Train, Place UK Workers

Just about a month after Amazon Web Services unveiled its new London-based Europe region, the company today announced a training and job placement program for AWS-centric cloud-based computing and development in the U.K. and Ireland.

AWS Earns 'C' Grade in Green Computing Report

A report released Tuesday by environmental watchdog group Greenpeace puts Amazon Web Services on the hot seat for not being more forthcoming about its cloud infrastructure's energy footprint.

AWS Enhances Price List Notifications

Having announced programmatic access to price lists for various products and services a year ago, Amazon Web Services has since expanded the scope of the service and is now providing daily aggregated price list notifications.

AWS Batch Processing Goes Online

AWS Batch enables developers, scientists and engineers to easily and efficiently run hundreds of thousands of batch computing jobs on the Amazon Web Services cloud.

AWS Touts Sharp Spike in Database Migrations

Despite being generally available for less than a year, AWS' Database Migration Service is proving to be a key growth area for the cloud giant.

Survey Contrasts User Types for AWS, Google and Azure Clouds

A brand-new survey from ratings and reviews firm Clutch investigates the different types of users for the top three cloud providers, finding larger enterprises prefer Microsoft Azure while smaller businesses favor Google Cloud Platform.

AWS Fights DDoS Attacks

In the wake of large attacks coming from new sources such as the Mirai botnet, AWS outlined a three-pronged approach leveraging its automatic scaling capabilities, fault tolerance protections and automatic attack mitigation mechanisms.

2016 Wrap-Up: Top AWS News of the Year

From feature debuts to cloud price wars to challenges from Microsoft and Oracle, here are the most-read AWS news articles of 2016.

2016 Wrap-Up: Top AWS How-To Columns of the Year

You had AWS questions, our cloud guru Brien Posey had the answers. Here are top five most-read AWS how-to columns of 2016.

Amazon QuickSight for Enterprises Ready for Prime Time

An enterprise-grade version of Amazon Web Services' cloud-based data analytics and visualization service is now available.

Amazon's London Datacenters Now Open for Business

Earlier this month, Amazon Web Services planted its flag in Canada with the launch of a new cloud region in Ontario. This week, it's expanding its footprint on the other side of the Atlantic.

Survey: AWS Dominates Highest-Paying Software Skills

Businesses are paying top dollar for employees with expertise in Amazon Web Services technologies, according to a recent report.

AWS Adds Operations Management for Large Enterprises

After years of testing, Amazon Web Services rolled out a new service for infrastructure and operations management, targeting enterprises running large-scale datacenters that want to move to the cloud.

AWS Cloud Expands North into Canada

Amazon Web Services officially flipped the switch on its first Canadian region this month.

AWS Lambda Now Supports C# Programming

AWS Lambda, which provides "serverless" functionality for projects such as app back-end services, now supports the C# programming language, Amazon Web Services said.

BlueData Puts 'Big Data-as-a-Service' on AWS

Following a "directed availability" trial period, BlueData Software today announced its BDaaS platform is now generally available to everyone on the Amazon Web Services cloud.

What AWS Offered to Mobile Developers at re:Invent 2016

This week's re:Invent 2016 conference held by Amazon Web Services generated a huge amount of developer related news, which might seem a bit overwhelming, so we've boiled down the highlights of special interest to developers in the mobile space, one of the hottest segments of the industry and a natural fit for cloud computing.

With X-Ray, AWS Gives Devs In-Depth Debugging

Amazon Web Services this week announced the preview of a new service that gives developers a detailed map of their applications' innards for better troubleshooting.

AWS Launches Shield Service To Stop DDoS Attacks

A new managed solution from Amazon Web Services aims to protect cloud applications against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

AWS Intros Visual Workflows for Distributed Apps

A new tool introduced by Amazon Web Services today at its re:Invent 2016 conference provides visual workflows for building distributed applications, with no coding required.

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